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Rumble Fighter Review (PC)

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 7 - 2009

Rumble Fighter is a fighting based MMO from OGPlanet and was launched in Europe earlier this year. The game is free to play and is funded by microtransactions, whereby the players purchase in game enhancements with real world cash.

Given the huge number of MMO Role-Play Games that are available, it is sometimes easy to overlook the other genres of MMO’s that are available. Rumble Fighters is, as the name may suggest, a fighting game and is playable on the PC. Players are given the chance to create their very own fighter from a number of different disciplines and then compete in all manner of fighting contests against other players from around Europe.


Firstly,and most importantly, the player must create their fighter. There are four different classes to choose from, each with both male and female versions. The classes are Striker, the martial arts specialist, Soul Fighter, who can draw power from other living souls, Elementalist, complete with psychic powers, and Alchemist, who has the power of elemental transmutation. Each class has access to different fighting styles and upgrades, so choose carefully according to the style you want to play.

Once you fighter is created, you will be encouraged to run through the tutorial. This game is best played with a gamepad. The game will, however, teach you all of the buttons, should you decide to use the keyboard instead. Punch, Kick and Guard are all assigned buttons, and consist of the basic combat controls. There will then be a button assigned to morph your fighter and more buttons used to launch your special morph attacks.

Your morphed form depends on your use of Exo-Cores. Different Exo-Cores can be purchased from the item shop and are sometimes class dependant. Each Exo-Core will allow you to morph in different ways and also bestows different special attacks on the player. Another way to change you fighting style is with the use of Scrolls. These are also available from the item store and each Scroll represents a different fighting style. These are again class dependant and offer a wide selection of different styles to the player, allowing their fighter to become more unique and more powerful.


The item shop, available from the main menu, offers items in exchange from Carats or Astros. Carats are the in game currency and can be earnt by competing in battle. Astros have to be bought with real world money and credited to your account. As well as the Exo-Cores and Sacred Scrolls, players will be able to buy all manner of items to customise their fighter, such as clothes, and further create a unique character.

Once the tutorial has been completed, the player will have access to the main lobby that will offer a huge number of different game types to play through. Games can be played through in teams or as free for all, in either battle mode or rumble mode and a whole host of other modes, such as king of the hill, moving screen, potion battle and arena. There really are many different ways to enjoy beating up other people. There is also an adventure mode to play through either alone or in a team.

The game comes across as very retro in both its gameplay and graphics. The combat is not too complicated and can be played in a button bashing manner should the player be thus inclined. Combo moves are available by combining certain moves, or repeating the moves in quick succession. Players will be able to climb through the ranks, with each rank offering a special badge to be displayed next to the players name. I found the combat to be fairly simplistic, which made it very easy to get into, but lacking in depth. It could be said that the game is a MMO fighting game for casual players. The use of a gamepad is recommended over the keyboard, as sometimes I found that the keyboard controls just didn’t allow me to ove with the precision that I was looking for.

Graphically, the game has a retro look, as I said. It is basically two dimensional graphics on a three dimensional playing area (think Little Big Planet for a recent example). The sprites are colourful and look good, but lack the detail expected in modern games. This is quite common in MMO’s, maybe because the lower quality allows the game to play better over the ‘net. The music in the game was just annoying, but the sound effects fit in well with the games style.


The huge number of different modes and sheer number of other players, makes finding a good game relatively easy and a lot of fun. The game certainly ticks the boxes when it comes to quick hit, pick up and play gaming. Of course the fact that it is free to play helps, but the lack of depth, to me, limits the appeal.



Visit http://rf.ogplanet.eu/main.og for more information and to setup an account.

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