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Teh Internets: When Memes Attack Review (iPhone)

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 4 - 2009

Its time to get in your Roflcopter and save those Lolcats!

Teh Internets: When Memes Attack is a side scrolling shooter by Insurgent Games, on iPhone and iPod Touch.Lets just say that the game is based in a rather unique setting.


The player will get the opportunity to pilot their very own Roflcopter through an environment littered with all sorts of Internet based nasties. As you navigate the levels, avoiding the popups that try and prevent your progress, you will be able to collect lovable Lolcats for points. If you come across any Lollerskaters, grab them for extra lives. Watch out for Viruses that may come flying from behind and take a life, and beware of the firewalls. Then there are the Trolls. Shoot Cheezburgers at the regular trolls and they get smaller, however ruthless trolls will grow when fed and the flaming trolls both grow and insult you. The Internet is truly a dangerous place.


If the player loses all of their lives, they will be greeted with the blue screen of death, familiar to anyone who spends too much time at a computer. The game has global leaderboards and a collection of 23 achievements to unlock. These achievements are in keeping with the games Internet culture theme, and include achievements such as “Kittens, inspired by Kittens” and “i can has cheezburger”.


I have been around on the Internet for many years now, and playing this game made me giggle like a little girl. The Internet culture references are hilarious and make this game entertaining. The virtual d-pad that is used to control your Roflcopter works well and is responsive. The graphics are basic, but they fit in with the theme of the game. The way the game plays is very basic, with the player just moving up and down to avoid or gather objects and occasionally shooting. But sometimes simpler is better. Without the games hilarious theme, Teh Internets would be just an average side scrolling shooter. But, for anyone that has been around the net for any amount of time, this game will provide a lot of humour and fun.


Players of side scrolling shooters, and fans of internet culture, should check this game out. It r0×0rz j00r b0×0rz!

Teh Internets: When Memes Attack is available on iTunes here for just £0.59 at the time of writing.




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