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The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack

Posted by TurtleGirl On December - 3 - 2009

EA have decided to send the Sims on holiday in their first new expansion pack ‘The Sims 3 World Adventures’. Players have the opportunity to send their Sims on their travels to take in the sights of Egypt, China, and France.

They will be able to embark on exciting adventures and participate in treasure hunts in the ancient tombs of Al Simhara, get to know the local residents of  Shang Simla and master the fine art of nectar making in Champs Les Sims, France. Players have the opportunity to accept challenges and build up their personal skills, be entertained in the style and culture, and experience fun and scary moments in their time abroad. If successful in their quests, players have the opportunity to take their treasures home to show their families.


It’s a time for your Sim to chill out and get acquainted with all the new features that holidaying in the sun can offer them. If you’re Sim was a little bit overworked and grew tiresome of their daily job and routine like mine was, it’s an ideal opportunity to give them their well deserved break and enjoy the benefits of a holiday.


My Sim had been working hard in the army and needed a break. I had gone through several promotions and pushed my Sim to the edge, if she didn’t have some time out soon, she was surely going to blow a fuse or two. I hadn’t saved for quite a while so that meant that I had to do some overtime and save up them precious simoleons. Going on holiday wasn’t a cheap option and it would take some major working in the army to get enough savings to have that time away.


My ‘Trip Planner’ to China encourages me to travel and explore this beautiful country so I could relish the delights of visiting a new country and embark on learning new skills in martial arts and hopefully build up some more artistic skills.  Shang Simla is home to people that value discipline, peace and clarity of mind over all else. There’s also an opportunity for players to head to the Scholas garden for some introspective meditation, which seems ideal for my Sim as she’s flat out exhausted and stressed. The nightlife can be entertaining also as there is a chance to catch one of Shang Simla’s famous fireworks. That’s as long as she’s not completely comatose from the meditation. We can’t have her falling asleep in the middle of a grand firework display. Looking in my purse my first holiday to China is going to set me back 1, 3000 simoleons and that allows me 3 days within the country with a visa level zero. Visa upgrades are earned by completing challenges within  the 3 locations. The quests are simple from fetch and deliver quests to tomb expeditions. Although China is beautiful with it’s famous  Great Wall of China and green and lush foliage, I’ve decided to explore what the other countries have to offer me.


Al Simhara, Egypt looks beautiful and enticing as it offers players a land of exploration, danger and archaeological thrills and excitement. Venturing out into Egypt allows players to find and explore tombs or hunt for lost treasure in it’s rugged location. There are many chances to view ancient structures such as the magnificent great pyramids or the Temple of Queen Hatsheput. I’m very tempted by this country as it sounds exciting and gives me a compelling insight into it’s history. This trip cost  1, 6000 simoleons and I can stay for the duration of 3 days. Moving on I look at the last location which is the Champs Les Sims, France.


The Champ Les Sims, France offers the cultural elite some of the more finer things in life. Players can learn the culinary art of nectar making or take out their camera to learn new photography skills. It’s a beautiful country which is sure to please the senses and invigorate the soul. This trip costs 1, 9000 simoleons and a duration of 3 days.

Most of the holidays don’t come cheap, so unless you’ve been saving for a little while, don’t expect to just hop on a plane and reach your destination. Like real life you certainly have to have enough money and plenty of expenses to see you through the duration of your trip abroad. It’s really exciting to know that I can send my Sim away with just one phone call. If only things were that simple in real life.


As an intrepid explorer you will have the chance to retrieve ancient relics, gather items together such as a tent, dried food or perhaps a shower in a can at the local market place. It gives you a chance to explore the lands and see what each country has to offer you. Each country has a number of challenges and quests to keep you on your toes. My Sim had her bike with her so I could ride pass the beautiful scenery of China. I admired the Great China wall as I cycled passed. Although at one point I looked at a location on the map in China where I wanted to explore the ‘Temple of Heaven’ and thought it would be a breeze to jog there. How wrong could I be. It took me ages to roam from one area to the other, so at one point my Sim grabbed someone else’s bike and tried to cycle it. Jogging seemed a good idea at the time, but it seemed miles and took me forever. Even if you don’t like adventuring that much, it will be enjoyable getting acquainted with new Sims and understanding their personalities, building up personal skills and giving your Sim a well deserved break.

This is a brilliant first expansion pack which delivers a whole host of opportunities for Sims and if you’re a fan of the original then you can be sure it will maintain all the fun and excitement. Sims get to acquire  and collect exotic garments and explore tombs with some puzzle solving. Bring home souvenirs from your travels and decorate your home.

There is an excellent selection of activities to keep your Sim entertained. Visually the new environments are stunning, my first encounter being with the great wall of china which was impressive. Most of the puzzles are straightforward allowing players to be fully immersed in the storyline. This expansion delivers fresh ideas and fun rewards. Discovering cool relics and finding ancient coins adds to the cool fun and excitement that this game has to offer to players. Players get the chance to take photos which they can sell or hang on their wall. Complete enough of the challenges to extend your visa time so you can stay for a longer duration. The limited visiting times can be frustrating at times. My Sim had a great deal of fun while away and even when your absent, your neighbourhood remains the same. You can even invite foreigners you have met on holiday and take them back home to get them acquainted with your relatives. It’s brilliant fun and the holiday away gave my Sim a chance to relax, unwind and chill out until her heart’s content. The Sims 3 World Adventures is a must for fans of the original game.



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