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Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 18 - 2010

Sassy, Sexy , Sensual Bayonetta brings gaming to a whole new level. Bayonetta is the hottest witch you’re likely to ever clap-eyes on. Submerged in a coffin, only to resurface after a 500 hundred year slumber, she is unable to remember much about her past.

But that isn’t going to stop this witch from attempting to find out the truth about her past and the path she once walked. Returning to the modern world, Bayonetta follows a series of brief flashbacks in an attempt to reach the remote European city of Vigrid.

bayonetta 1

Believe me when I say that Bayonetta is no ordinary witch, in fact she is far from it. She’s unlike any witch I’ve ever encountered before. Not only is she incredibly equipped with magical powers, she’s amazingly talented with her sensational special moves.

bayonetta 3

She’s a woman on the edge and she’s not scared to express that to everyone she meets. She is a trigger happy witch too, with her weapons of choice being the ‘Scarborough Fair’, a set of hand guns that are attached to both her hands and feet. She has a vast selection of melee attacks and uses her special moves to attack enemies in a way that quite honestly, I haven’t seen in ages. One of her stunning moves, the Wicked Weave, allows her to summon demonic entities through her long black magical hair to devour hordes of enemies. This woman is not lacking substance at all and knows how to show that off.

bayonetta 4

On her travels to the city of Vigrid, Bayonetta and her companion Jeanne, set out to fight mysterious entities such as the angelic creatures and a two headed golden dragon. She is fighting a war between two clans known as the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages. The Umbra witches were a clan of women who would do anything to protect their magic, and draw a wealth of power from a pact made with the devil. The Luman sages on the other hand were a group of men who did their up most to worship the light and draw their powers from the heavens.

bayonetta 5

With no memories of her past, the only links to a life long forgotten are her magical powers and an ornate piece of jewellery around her neck. Due to the pact that she made with the devil, she has no alternative than to attack angels. On her quest she meets Enzo who informs her of the “eyes of the world,” an ancient artifact that may shed some light of her past.

bayonetta 6

On her journey Bayonetta find herself confronted by a blonde haired girl called Jeanne, a mysterious woman who also has gifted powers. At first Bayonetta is intimidated by the power she holds, but is curious to know what her ultimate goal is. They often confront each other a number of times throughout the game. Jeanne comes across as quite provoking and often finds herself in melee battles with Bayonetta. She is equipped with her own set of four black guns and special move attacks. Jeanne was the rightful heir to the Umbran throne while Bayonetta was cast aside.

bayonetta 7

Continuing her journey to the city of Vigrid she meets Luka. Luka is a charming and often charismatic journalist, who has his own reasons for perusing Bayonetta. Luka and Bayonetta spend much of their time flirting with each other. The chemistry between the two characters is purely electric, making you unsure about his motives. One moment you think he’s out to destroy her, the next he his obviously eyeing more than just her weapons.

bayonetta 8

Destroying hordes of angels on her journey and encountering a two headed dragon called Fortitudo, she soon finds herself in an old abandoned church, where she finds a lost child. This wide eyed child bears a similar resemblance to Bayonetta and is called Cereza. Cereza is a small child that wears huge glasses and is forever carrying around a teddy bear. To be honest I found the little girl’s voice so annoying that I just wanted to turn the volume down on the control. Don’t get me wrong, I thought she was sweet, I just didn’t like the way she sounded.

bayonetta 9

Through her travels Bayonetta meets Rodin. Rodin is a demon smith who owns a very special shop where you can purchase valuable goods. He is a character who spends his time offering you the chance to purchase upgrades and gives you special items in return for special collectibles. Rodin’s shop is full of weapons, accessories, items, techniques and treasures. Here I purchased some cool items and techniques to aid me. One of the moves I chose to buy is called Break Dance, which Bayonetta spins around, rotating her legs and then doing a special camera shot pose at the end. I used that move quite a lot through the game.

bayonetta 10

Bayonetta spends a lot of time trying to evade enemies, so it’s useful to buy extra techniques so you can expand on that. She inflicts many attacks by using a few kicks and punches to get her through the majority of the enemies that attack her. She also has the ability to use Witch Time, which comes in very handy. Dodging an attack at the last possible moment kicks in Witch Time allowing her to attack in hyper speed and even allows her to run on water. I used Witch Time mostly on the big bosses since that is when it proved to be most valuable.

Her hand guns allows her to fire a single shot, or hold for rapid fire, meaning I spent a lot of my time blasting through waves of enemies. While defeating angels, items can be gathered by breaking objects and exploring different areas. I spent a vast amount of my time breaking everything in sight, because I’m like that. If health becomes depleted then it simply means death. Investing some time concocting your own witchy potions should keep Bayonetta alive longer. These compounds can be made into various lollypops which can restore both health and magic.

The first thing that struck me while playing this game was the extraordinary graphics that emerged from it. Beautiful, lavish, and well detailed sprites initially made me feel like I had already made a worthwhile investment. Not only was I struck by how astoundingly powerful the graphics are, but the fact the story had been so elegantly made.

The storyline itself with the Umbra Witches and Lumen sages I actually found hard to follow. I think because there was such a great deal of combat and fighting major enemies that I found it a little difficult to fully concentrate on the storyline. It wasn’t until the end of the game I felt questions had been answered and a full explanation about the ‘Eyes of the World’ had been noted.

Bayonetta struck me as being one of the most incredible games I’ve had the joy of playing. Bayonetta was sassy and quick witted and I liked that. She moved exceptionally well in the game and was fully responsive with the controls. Admittedly, although I had remembered some of the special moves Bayonetta had the joy of displaying, I did feel there was a great deal of button bashing going on. That was evident through the sheer pain my hands while battling it out with big level bosses.

Contrary to popular belief, even though the game did feel similar to Devil May Cry, I would say that it was in a league of its own when it came down to combat and melee attacks. Plus, Bayonetta always had the potential to destroy her enemies by her infernal demons who inevitably would be summoned to inflict enormous damage to the enemy.

The relationships Bayonetta had between the other characters always intrigued me. Bayonetta and Luka had a certain amount of chemistry which fired up a strong desire for them to behave as enemies one minute and allies the next. It was extraordinary how Bayonetta behaved around him, knowing that he was interested in her right from the start of their adventure together. She often wooed him into a false sense of security and played with his mind a little.

Being the long slender woman that she is, Bayonetta would often pose in various positions in order to show off her power and femininity. She was provocative and there was a great deal of sexual tension between each encounter. One scene comes to mind as her, Cereza and Luka were in a plane together, one moment they are running from the enemy and the next minute we see a bead of sweat running down her cleavage and Luka having a good look. No one seemed remotely interested in the terrified Cereza, the small child who was sitting quietly in the background while all of this was going on.

Although some people may disagree with me, I often found that the music didn’t go with the game. I couldn’t help but feel that it would suit better in a sixties erotic Japanese porn show. I couldn’t get my head around the music, I just didn’t enjoy it.

The game is a fantastic one and certainly an enjoyable experience. You’ll come across an absorbing storyline, some incredible and amazing big bosses, characters that bring the game to life, and a whole host of beautifully illustrated graphics which will inspire you to play this game to the end. To be honest with you I cannot find much fault with this game. It ticks all the right boxes, and is sure to give gamers an exciting and powerful 3D third person action game that fills the imagination and explodes the mind.




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