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N7 Armour Coming To FFXIII-2

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Watch Dogs On Wii U

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Bleach: The 3rd Phantom

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 18 - 2010

You can’t move for Shinigami (DeathGods) in this new Bleach game coming next month to the DS.

Bleach: The 3rd Phantom is being published by Sega and promises to be the first Bleach based strategy RPG.  Choose from over 50 Shinigami to create your own DeathGod dream team, and play through a story lasting more than 30 hours, all set before the popular anime began!

The game will feature:

- Original Storyline. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS, gamers can choose between two playable lead characters for two unique gameplay experiences. Journey through over 30 hours of an enthralling story arc as a precursor to the anime.

- Team-based Gameplay. For the first time in the series players can create and command their own team of eight Shinigami. After Experience Points are earned in battle, the player can choose how to grow their team’s special abilities in different ways.

- Tactical Turn-based Campaigns. Players strategise where to place their team members on the campaign map, and by deciding on what abilities each of their characters possess, can surge their way to victory in battle.

- Immense Cast. There are over 50 characters that can be selected to join battles, each with their own unique special attacks and some that have also mastered the art of Bankai.

- Extensive Gameplay Modes. Upon completing the Story mode, players are able to continue to power up their team in BLEACH Tower mode through 30 trials of skill and strength. The game also contains a wireless multiplayer mode for two players to go head-to-head and decide who has crafted the strongest team.

- Unlockable Content. While playing through Story mode and BLEACH Tower mode, players will find rare BLEACH items including Health Boosts, Spiritual Pressure enhancements, weapon items and hard-to-find BLEACH characters.






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