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Posted by GG Goblin On January - 12 - 2010

Give a monkey a sharp object and you know it will not end well.

Bloons is a simple puzzle game, published by I-play, on the mobile phone platform. The K800 build was used for this review.


Whilst the concept of Bloons is a simple one, the setting of the game itself is one that leads to many questions. The player takes on the role of a monkey, floating in the sky. Sounds weird so far, but then it gets weirder. As the monkey, the player has a set number of darts with which to pop a set number of balloons that are floating in formation around our monkey friend. So far as settings go, this is one of the strangest. But lets not get tied up with why the monkey is floating in the sky, or who was stupid enough to give him darts. How does the game play?

The player will first adjust the trajectory of the dart and then the strength of the throw. Each level, of which there are 50, offers a different challenge. These challenges may come in the form of having to destroy all of the balloons with just one dart, or having to negotiate scenery in order to burst the required number of balloons. Upon completing a level, the player then unlocks the next and can continue through the game.


Precision is of the utmost importance in this game, as the difference between success and failure is often minimal. To help you achieve your goals, there are often special balloons within the formation. Hitting an exploding balloon, for example, will cause the balloons surrounding it to burst also. Sometimes, with just one dart, it is all a matter of hitting the right exploding balloon in order to ensure that the level is cleared.

With simple to use controls, this game is perfect for the mobile platform. Too many games are now trying to push the boundaries of what the platform can achieve, that it can be forgotten that a simple game with basic controls can be the most fun.


With a monkey throwing darts at balloons, no-one can accuse Bloons of being too deep and meaningful. But, for the mobile platform, this game works incredibly well and I can fully recommend it to anyone that wants a quick hit of mobile gaming fun.



This game was provided for review by I-play

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