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Spring/Summer 2011 Nintendo Releases

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May 27th – Day of F.E.A.R.

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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Limited Editions Announced

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Indie Royale Replay Bundle Vol 1 now available

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Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 25 - 2010

Enter the beautiful and tropical islands of Endless Ocean 2 : Adventures of the Deep on the Nintendo Wii, where you can explore the seas and discover the mysteries surrounding the legend about ‘A song of Dragons’ which originated in the pacific rim.

You are intrigued by this story and decide to take a leave of absence from university to visit the beautiful islands of Paoul Republic in the South Pacific, by chance you end up working for R and R Diving services. Arriving on the boat you will meet Jean Eric Rouvier who is a marine adventurer. He used to dive quite a lot, but due to suffering from decompression sickness and the bends he decides that he can no longer dive anymore. He introduces you to his grand daughter Oceane Rouvier who is 15 years old and the only diver at R and R Diving Services.


Jean -Eric also introduces you to Matthew, his son, and goes on to explain that Oceane’s father had died fourteen years ago. As the new diver, your main job will be helping to maintain coral reefs, keeping details of the creatures you discover and heal animals that are suffering from illness. While Jean -Eric is on the main boat you will dive into various ocean locations with your scuba gear. In the mean time Jean- Eric will monitor your position and will direct you from the surface.


The game starts you off with instructions on how to use the controls in order to swim. The instructions were pretty straight forward as I pointed the Wii remote at the screen to move and turn my character around in the water. Perhaps we will find the undiscovered truth behind the ancient legend inside. You will be directed through a series of underwater caves for your voyage of discovery, where ancient ruins tall enough to fill the entire cavern tower over you. Your quest is to solve the mystery of the ‘Song of dragons’. You may even find the legendary singing dragon himself. Who knows?


The mystery started one year ago in the South Pacific Ocean in the Paoul Republic. According to folklore, The Dragon’s song brings tales of misfortune and superstition. It’s down to you to unravel the secrets and mysteries that lay deep in the oceans. Before you set out on your first dive you’re given the choice of deciding what your character looks like, which I thought gave it a more personal touch to proceedings. Here you can choose simple things such as skin tone and whether your features are gentle or strong. During your first dive into the ocean it’s an opportunity to swim alongside tropical fish, glide your body through beautiful coral reef formations, and even interact with the sea life.


Swimming deep in the water I encountered sea turtles that gently glide through the water where I could reach out and touch them. You can use the tool menu to choose gloves to stroke and even feed them if you wish. This really makes you feel like you’re genuinely interacting with the creatures and the environment around you. Everything can be explored, and doing so gives you a detailed report about species and the location. I discovered many different types of tropical fish, Humpback Whales, and even Tiger Sharks. The ocean can be and inviting and exciting place, but there are many dangers that await in the darkness, just looking for its next prey. Some areas are more dangerous than others, one time I was surrounded by sharks that saw me as no more than an easy meal. But armed with my equipment, I pulled out my electromagnetic device, which can be used to heal or pacify aquatic creatures, which came in handy while I was being pursued by a hungry shark.

identifying illness

As I swam into Spring Gardens with its caves and beautiful coral reefs, I noticed that a few of the underwater creatures were looking injured and sick. In order to heal them I used the pulsar, which displays different coloured reticules over slightly injured or sick animals. Each colour suggesting the moderation of illness. During each diving session you gain more experience, which in turn gives awards and titles, which  increase your diving levels. The compass and map give you full details on areas you have dived in and your position, although I still got lost a few times while out in the ocean. If diving all the time isn’t your thing there is a choice to go ashore in certain areas. This made a welcome break because sometimes I felt a little bored in the water, and my hands were probably becoming a bit pruney by now.


Exploring the islands you can find different animals depending on the time of day and weather. Here I discovered a short tailed albatross, and a Galapagos Marine Iguana who kept giving me funny looks whenever I got close to it. Nineball Island offers you some refuge as this is the base of operations for R and R Services. Here you can find a table full of equipment which is useful for saving information on the various creatures and plants you have discovered, and to find new diving quests. The game entices you to explore the full extent of the oceans to locate various items which can be stored in the salvage book.


A radio keeps you in contact with Nancy. Nancy seemed a bit of a strange girl who wore a cowboy hat while on a jet-ski. I can’t even begin to tell you how weird that seemed at the time. Nancy has her uses though, you can purchase different items of equipment for yourself and your island. I made my first purchase of a hammock, because to be honest I was pretty shattered after all that swimming.

flipper close up

On Nineball Island there is also a cabin you can rest in. I stayed in there a while because I realized the game wouldn’t let me light my camp fire until it was dusk, so I slept a bit just so I could sit by them flames of heat. I had also purchased a patio set, no idea why since I don’t think anyone would be visiting me on this island. Anyhow, if being alone and the excessive swimming that may play havoc on your health  are your main worries, you can be safe in the knowledge of sharing your days with a Dolphin. Yes I said a Dolphin. I named my Dolphin Flipper, I just couldn’t get anymore original than that unless I called him Skippy.

dolphin tricks

Your Dolphin can do many thing apart from keep you entertained, including singing and tricks. Using the Wii remote you can conduct the dolphin to perform certain tricks and eventually the dolphin can gain more experience and unlock new tricks. The island also offers a gate, a portal that allows you to connect with a WiFi connection to enable you and your friends too visit each other’s islands and oceans. The game is also compatible with Wii-Speak, so you can vocally share your missions and swim with fellow explorers.


During the storyline you will meet several characters and the story builds up together to unravel answers to unanswered questions. This beautiful adventure game enables you to experience the depths of the oceans and interact with the environment and marine life. The game’s background music offers a captivating melody that flows through the game, making you feel relaxed as you explore the deep blue.

Endless Ocean 2 is a stunning game, but I felt at times the progress and storyline was a bit slow. I didn’t mind exploring and swimming through the caverns, discovering different creatures and salvaging items, but felt that I struggled at times to concentrate on various quests. Some may feel the game drags on slowly, finding themselves wondering if they really want to keep on. It’s probably one of the slowest games I’ve ever played, but that’s not to say that it won’t keep your interest. Adventuring out to the other oceans and islands, and completing quests can be rewarding, gaining new titles is certainly addictive. Fast forward past the slow introductory storyline and you’ll soon discover the mysteries of the ocean, unravelling of  The Legend of the Singing Dragon, and the secrets that it hides.

Developed: Arika

Publisher: Nintendo



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