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Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 4 - 2010

Hanged is a beautifully crafted version of Hangman developed by Freeverse with a slight twist. The girl is very much in love with the boy but she must have a slight death wish for him as well. You will have the opportunity to solve the hangman puzzle before you and if you guess wrong, she pulls the plug on him.

You are given so many chances to guess the correct letter as in the original version of hangman, but this time they have incorporated a love story within it. The beautifully illustrated cut scenes make you feel completely intrigued by the game and players will yearn to discover what will happen in this blossoming romance. Although depicting in some scenes of a young man being slapped around the face a few times and the woman utterly disappointed at her red rose that has turned black, you find yourself wondering what the mystery puzzle will uncover.


It’s a will they or won’t they romance with a touch of hangman. The music plays a softly haunting music in the background which fits it’s slightly disturbing setting. Personally the game has a charismatic feel about it which made me want to play it more to discover what the story meant. It’s not a quick game, to say the least it’s probably one of the slowest games I’ve played on the iphone, so don’t expect to completely rush in and discover everything all at once.


It’s a game that takes time to give you a brief outline of a love story. Many times I’ve watched as the boy slowly stepped up the stairs to the platform where the gallows stand. Guessing the wrong letters to the puzzle sends him nearer and nearer to his death where the girl pulls the lever to hang him, maybe they are not so much in love as I originally thought.


The letters of the alphabet as shown in the pictures above are scattered on the screen and a single teardrop falls down when you press on the letter you’ve decided. A slight breeze defines whether you chose the correct letter or not, even though I felt the letters took a little time to come down and be revealed.


It’s a game which gives an a slight edge of hangman with a small but enticing storyline. It’s only 59p, so worth giving a try.

Can there romance be saved or will she send him to his death?




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