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Posted by GG Goblin On January - 25 - 2010

Destroying a tank is so much more satisfying than squishing a worm.

After its success on the iPhone, iShoot makes its way onto mobile phones everywhere, courtesy of I-play. This review used the K800 build.

Many years ago, Worms took the video gaming world by storm. With its simple gameplay and psychotic participants, Worms became a firm favorite amongst gamers, with versions of the game appearing on almost every platform to present day. The game also inspired a number of clones, one of which is iShoot.


There must be very few people who do not instantly recognise the gameplay of iShoot. But for those who don’t, here is a brief explanation. The player is in control of a tank, which sits upon a destructible environment. There are other tanks around, and it is the players job to destroy these tanks without being destroyed themselves. The tank may, once the terrain has been examined, fire its weapon. There are a selection of different weapons available, and the player aims the turret and then chooses the power of the shot. The rest is left up to physics. Last tank standing is the winner.

Although the tanks are of standard sprite construction, the destructible environments are photo realistic, providing an interesting look to the game. These environments are damaged by the projectiles that are fired, leaving craters and massive holes that will need to be taken into account for movement and aiming.


The game contains an arsenal of 25 different weapons, including shells, missiles, cluster bombs and even nuclear missiles. Controls are simple. Move left and right to examine surroundings and, once a target has been chosen, enter fire mode. Choose weapons by moving up and down, adjust firing angle with left and right. Then press and hold the fire button, releasing it at the chosen power level.

iShoot comes to the mobile phone after huge success on the iPhone, and with great success. The game translates well onto the smaller, less able devices, thanks to its simple gameplay and easy to pick up controls. The game retains a certain amount of addictiveness, and is still thoroughly enjoyable. The environments take the images of well known landmarks, which can be viewed easily on the little screen. What cannot be seen so easily are the tank sprites. But this is dependant on which phone you are using and the size of the screen.

It will take a bit of getting used to in order to master the various projectiles that are available. This, however, is one of the joys of the game. It is fun to watch the effects of a new weapon and then devise tactics for how to use it.


With up to four player battles available, iShoot is a great time waster that works really well on the mobile phone platform. One can imagine little worms sitting inside the tanks, laughing maniacally to themselves, as they cause massive destruction.



This game was provided for review by I-play

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