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Posted by David Hollingsworth On January - 27 - 2010

Zipper Interactive, Long time developer of the SOCOM series on Playstation, are trying something new. This time they bring us MAG, a FPS on a massive scale. But is it any good? Well below you will find our impressions of the MAG EU Beta and what we thought so far.

So what is MAG?

MAG is an online only “Massive Action Game” set in the year is 2025, where countries pay one of three PMC to fight in their wars. The PMCs in question are S.V.E.R. ( Middle Easy/Russia) Raven (Western European) and Finally Valor ( US/UK/Mexico). You take control of a character from one of the three PMCs and level them up through the ranks gaining skills and unlocks along the way, as well as accessing bigger game modes, Starting at 64 players then to 256, No AI, 100% player controlled chaos.


What we Liked

The combat is fast paced and you feel like you are part of something big. Be it the gun fire you can see in the distance or the explosions that are rocking the map, there is never a dull moments while playing MAG.

The Maps themselves are also very well made, with alleys ways, high and low vantage points and plenty of small areas for you to try to lone wolf. If you work as a team, with some good timing you can achieve a good pincer move on your enemy leaving them helpless.

The matchmaking in MAG is very fast and, as this is BETA, this did surprise me somewhat. After joining the queue you are put in a game very fast.


What needs Work

I found that there is a bit too much going on. You have the mini map telling you stuff, your screen seems to be telling you where you are getting shot from, and where shooting is going on, plus the enemies and team mates. It can take some getting used to. Let’s just hope the final game has a good training feature to ease you into the experience.

The only other issue that MAG will face could be the people of PSN, and the issue of MICs. This is a game where communication is key, so if you buy the game, please buy a headset and the game will improve tenfold.


Final Thought

MAG is a promising game. If the Playstation user base give it a chance then MAG will give you an amazing FPS. Some will be put off by it’s not Killzone level Graphics. But when you have 256 people on-screen at once you have to make compromises. All in all, MAG is a must buy for any fan of FPS or the Battlefield PC series.

This article was written by David Hollingsworth, editor of GeekMandem

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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