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Posted by GG Goblin On February - 23 - 2010

Steampunk, jet-pack, platform fun, all packaged into your iPhone.

Insurgent Games‘ last iPhone game was the quirky side scrolling shooter Teh Internets, that saw the player collecting Lolcats and fighting Trolls. This time, with Aeropack, they have decided that platform action is the way to go, and you will be collecting gems and avoiding lethal gears. At least it makes more sense.


Aeropack sees the player taking control of a steampunk styled, jet-pack wearing inventor. His latest invention, that will give him the power to travel into space, needs to be fueled by very specific crystals, and the only place that these crystals can be found happens to be infested with all manner of nasties. Still, at least he has his jet-pack to help navigate the levels and collect the crystals.

Run, climb and fly your way through 30 levels of steampunk inspired dangers. Your task is to collect all of the crystals in a given area, to unlock the next. There will be ladders provided in some instances, which saves on your fuel. A fuel meter at the top of the screen will let you know when you are running out. Luckily, throughout the level players can find extra fuel canisters. But they will still need to be wary of how much fuel they use, as running out of fuel could result in being unable to complete the level.


Your hero is controlled using two on screen buttons. The left, gear shaped one controls movement, whilst the red button on the right operates the jet-pack and also allows for climbing up ladders. The gear button, used for movement, is perhaps not as precise as it needs to be. On a number of occasions I found myself running past one evil gear and trying to stop before another, only to find myself running back into the first. This is a bit off putting to begin with, but after playing a while you become accustomed to the control quirks, and take that into account before performing any potentially dangerous actions.

The games setting looks quite good, with obvious retro inclinations. This is no modern platformer. The animation of the hero when coming foul of an adversary is particularly funny, with him cartwheeling away amongst a spray of blood. The games rocking soundtrack really stands out and, unlike a lot of soundtracks, doesn’t begin to irritate after five minutes of play. The loading of the game does seem to take an uncharacteristically long time, which is a shame. But all good things come to those who wait.


All in all, whilst not perfect, Aeropack is an entertaining little retro platformer. It may be a bit more expensive than it should, at £1.79, but paying out for this game will give the player a good few hours of gem gathering fun.



Aeropack is available on the App Store here for just £1.79

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