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Animal Kororo

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 16 - 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of Animal Kororo on the Nintendo DS

Animal Kororo is a rather cute, chibi and compelling puzzle game published by Rising Star Games.I quite like the odd puzzle game and this one certainly comes across as different. You’re first introduced to the animal Kororos. The screen is compiled of Animal Kororos which are oddly shaped rolled up animals.

Each of these cute and delightful animals can be rolled horizontally or vertically by the simple touch of the DS interface. Matching up two of the same breed animals which are knocked head to head will finally return the Animal Kororos to their kingdom, once players have cleared each level. There is a time limit so keep your eye on that.

animal kororo final image 1

It’s a really sweet game that is sent to test your puzzle skills and  patience. In challenge mode you simply roll a Kororo to match another one of the same breed to return them to the Kororo Kingdom. There are a few obstacles that may get in the way that may hinder your game play and these may consist of bricks, cannon balls or spiky pink obstacles.

If you accidentally land your Kororo animal into the spiky pink obstacle your animal will be terminated and that level ends there, which means you have to restart the level. The bricks are static but because this puzzle game is lateral thinking you may have to plan ahead  and around them with your moves.

animal kororo final image 2

Knocking your Kororo into cannon ball will push that ball to the next available space and maybe upset the other animals if they get knocked. so even though the game looks initially easy, it sometimes had various hard levels that make you think a little bit more. The game includes 3 modes,  Easy, Normal, and Hard. I chose easy for my review.

In Attack Mode the top screen shows 10 Kororo breeds. Creating a matching pair will then be crossed off the list at the top. If you decide that single player mode and attack mode aren’t enough of a challenge for you,  you can always try your hand at Battle Mode. Battle Mode allows you to engage in DS Download Play with a friend who can battle out against you to find out who is better at matching Kororos. In order to defeat your opponent you have to match Kororos quickly to make an impact on your player’s time.

There is also an opportunity to hang out with the Kororos in their house. Yes, they do indeed have a chibi house. If you’re good enough at playing this puzzle game you can then earn yourself some much wanted and needed Kororo currency in the challenge and Attack modes which means you can go shopping. Players can look forward to purchasing anything from a cute Japan house which features Japanese tatami straw mats to adorable Bunny Koro chair. There are a whole host of different houses, furniture and accessories to choose from. These items can be purchased with your Kororo currency and placed in your house to decorate how you wish. The only thing I will say about this section of the game is that I thought the items were quite expensive so I’m not sure how many hours or days or game play you would need to put in to get a substantial amount of Kororo cash.

box art

Animal Kororo is simply the cutest , most adorable and frantic game I’ve played on the Nintendo DS for a long time. The game was so delightful to play along with it’s cute design and melodic tunes that it’s hard not to get carried away playing level upon level, it’s endless hours of fun. It’s addictive because you don’t want to admit defeat and you know you want them cute and fluffy animal Kororos to return to their kingdom. The game has enormous appeal that young and old people will appreciate. I never knew that rolled up animals could be this much fun.




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