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Artist Colony

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 22 - 2010

Put a load of artists in one place and see what happens.

Artist Colony is a casual sim game that has been released on the iPhone, following its success on the PC, by I-play. The game gives the player god-like control over, to begin with, an artist and a musician who have inherited an Artist Colony that has, in recent years, fallen into disrepair.


As the game progresses and the colony is cleaned up and made habitable, more artists, musicians, sculptors, photographers and dancers will move in and help with the restorations. Money needed for the aforementioned restorations will come from selling the works of art and performances of the artists. The amount of cash that can be collected will depend on the artists skill level and their inspiration level when the piece was created.

Skill levels are increased by training in one of the skill specific classrooms that can be renovated around the colony. Each artist has ten skill levels in their chosen field. Inspiration levels can be improved by allowing the artist to enjoy a good piece of art, or by watching a beautiful flower. It can also be increased by falling in love.


The artists are human and, as such, require such simple things as rest and food. They can rest by simply sitting and dozing on a bench, and food can be found in the colony kitchen.

Controlling the artists is simply a matter of selecting their picture on the left, then dragging them to whatever task you wish them to perform. The game progresses by setting a number of objectives to complete, such as clearing away rubbish or restoring a particular building.

Graphically, the game looks really good. The colours are nice and bright, and the sprites themselves are well detailed and animated. The backdrop of the colony is delightful and suits the games setting well.


There are only two minor problems I see with this game. Firstly is a common one amongst iPhone games, and that is the stubby finger issue. It can be quite difficult to accurately drop your artist where you actually want them. It’s no big problem, as the games relaxed pace rarely puts you in the position of needing to act quickly. Which is my second problem. The game is described as a casual sim, but I can’t help feeling that the game is maybe too casual. The pace is very slow and there is no sense of urgency.


That being said, maybe we all need to just calm down a bit and take it easy. For those that want a relaxing game experience, take a look at Artist Colony, it will not disappoint.



Artist Colony can be found on the App Store here for just £2.39

Head over to the official I-play Facebook for exclusive hints and tips

This game was provided for review by I-play

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