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B.O.S.S. controller

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 9 - 2010

Another piece of plastic designed to make our Wii gaming better. This is actually quite good, for a change.

Nintendo’s Wii console has started a bit of a craze. Every company under the sun have developed a lump of plastic that will enhance your Wii gaming ten fold. The sad truth is that the majority of these Wii peripherals add nothing much to the gameplay except cosmetically, and some even don’t do that. But every once in a while, a piece of molded plastic comes along that may actually have some merit. So, riding on top of a wave of random plastic shapes, along came the B.O.S.S. controller shell.

B.O.S.S. stands for Big Oversized Super Shell, so you may already have an idea of what we are talking about. To look at, the BOSS looks like an oversized, comedy SNES controller. The bright colours that the shell is available in really does nothing to convince that it is anything other than a toy. But, beneath the less than serious exterior lies the potential to be a game changing, must have device.

The standard Wiimote slots comfortably inside the shell, with a sliding panel on one side to ensure a secure fit. Once inside, the controller works exactly as it should. All of the buttons are present and there is even a slot so that the lights can be seen.

Despite the oversized nature of the shell, it fits comfortably in the hands. The buttons all feel good, although the 1 & 2 buttons do need to be pressed slightly more aggressively than with the standard Wiimote.

Playing through some games of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart Wii (as I am not so keen on the steering wheels), the controller performed very well. The placement of the buttons makes the games much easier for the larger handed gamers out there, who may have had trouble with the relatively small amount of space between buttons on the Wiimote.

However, for those with small hands, the Wiimote sticking out of the back of the shell may be uncomfortable after extended use. The natural position of the hands is hampered by the protruding Wiimote, which is a shame in an otherwise perfectly designed device.

I am not saying that this add-on will improve your gameplay, but it certainly feels more natural than the harsh angles of the Wiimote. The BOSS is not yet available in the UK, but can be picked up from Gamestop stores in Sweden and Italy. Once it is released in the UK, or if you see one on your travels, consider giving this device a try. If only it looked a bit more grown up.

The B.O.S.S. controller is made by PDP




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