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Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 8 - 2010

The  Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition – now in its third edition is all about learning everything amazing from computer and video-game record breakers from around the world.

You’ll find out the highest scores, biggest tournaments, largest cash prizes and most successful games ever. Packed with thousands of high scores and records, a round-up of key events of the video-gaming year – including reviews of new releases, new consoles and the major tournaments – along with detailed game strategies, interviews with professionals, tips and cheats to improve your play, league tables, bizarre facts and incredible video game trivia!


This is the first time we’ve had a copy of the book so we were excited to see how much the book measured up to the video games information it had stored in it. There’s so much valuable data in it I don’t think you can possibly take it all in at first glance. It’s such a valuable compilation of information, but not just video games alone, it also records highest scores in a game, best selling games so it’s the ultimate bible for every gamer.


A first glance it made me think that it’s just for the casual gamer, but reading on this is ideal for hardcore gamers as well. The book covers a whole host of genres from Point ‘n’ click adventures right through to your first person shooters. It also lists the 50 top console games of all time which was a great read. It amazes me there have been so many.


The article that caught my attention the most was a guy named Richard Leece who had the largest collection of playable video gaming systems, now I have all the systems apart from the PSP Go, but this guy had so many I couldn’t list them all. You can find him on Page 33, and you’ll be amazed. The book offers an extensive and interesting read to gamers and you’ll come away thinking how much has happened in the video games industry.



I also enjoyed the History of Gaming section which covered everything from the ZX81 to today’s modern day Xbox 360 to Sony’s Playstation. God I remember having an ZX81. It was my first computer, it used to frustrate me as it had a touch pad keyboard that just basically caved in on me and just made dents on it.

This book offers an incredible wealth of information and it’s probably the best book I’ve read which contains the best articles and references and details on video games and consoles. It’s a winner for us!!




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