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Overturn: Mecha Wars

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 22 - 2010

Robots fighting robots for human gratification. You should be ashamed!

Robot Wars is a cool idea. Building a robot from scratch and then kitting it out in a violent manner is something that I could really get behind. Putting it into an arena and letting it fight to the death with another suitably aggressive robot really does sound like fun.

It seems that I am not the only person to think this, as robot arena combat games seem to have hit nearly every video game platform in recent years. Overturn Mecha Wars from GameBridge brings this sub-genre of game to WiiWare, but with how much success?


The game is fairly simple. Players choose from four Mechs to begin with, each armed with weapons on their left and right arms and a special weapon. The single player game takes place through a collection of tournaments, whereby the player must overcome an opponent to proceed. As the player gains experience, new weapons become available, along with new tournaments and even some new Mechs.

Playing the game makes plenty of reference to the various shooters already on the Wii. Nunchuck controls the movement, with the Wiimote pointing at the screen to control the aim. Whilst not ideal in my mind, there are plenty of people out there who have become suitably accustomed to this style of control, and will have no problem in guiding their robots. There is also the option to jump/hover, but doing so will cause your mechs balance to decrease. Once the balance meter is reduced to zero, the Mech will go into an uncontrollable shaking frenzy, making it an easy target for the opponent. This situation launches a mini game of sorts, where the player has to rearrange a shot of the screen into the correct order. Not once did I manage to pull this off successfully.


The balance board is also supported for controlling the movement. This can provide a certain amount of novelty and fun with friends. But, due to the boards relative inaccuracy, serious players will be better off sticking with more traditional methods.

Sadly, the single player game is not very exciting, with lacklustre opponent AI and dull environments. It does, however, act as a training ground for the games real purpose, online play.

Offering up both One on One versus mode and four player battles, the online mode certainly has its entertainment value. Play against other Mech fans around the world and climb the leaderboards to be the ultimate Mech champion. Playing online certainly offers a lot more challenge. This mode is slightly let down at the moment by the lack of players, but I am sure this will change over time.


All in all this is not a bad entry into the robot arena combat sub-genre. The arenas themselves are somewhat uninspiring and there is not enough variety in the choice of available Mechs. But this game is available for only 800 points on WiiWare and, if you are a fan of fighting with robots, then this game will offer a reasonable amount of entertainment for the relatively low price.




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