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Paradise Quest

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 3 - 2010

Paradise Quest is an exciting Match 3 puzzle adventure game from I-play, a game that brings you into a very interesting and captivating world on the iphone and ipod touch. You’ll set out on your adventures as ecologist Dr Evan Finch in a brief storyboard that instructs you that you have to restore the beautiful and majestic island of Isabela. Reforming it to its former beauty may be a task and a half but you’re up to the challenge. Your quest will be to restore the island’s natural resources which will mean you will have to revive vegetation, restore the animal kingdom and eventually discover the secrets of the lost Galapagos civilization.

Touching the interface, players can drag and swap objects to make matches on the moving board. There are four elements that can help you out in the game which appear at the bottom of the screen where you can inflict damage of shake (Earthquake), Paddle(Tornado),lightning strike and much more onto the island. The game starts up with a quick tutorial in which you swap pieces to match certain resources. My first introduction was where I had to swap pieces to match 3 or more wood pieces to collect wood resources. Gradually you can unlock awards which will go in a special book. So for instance I collected enough resources to unlock the Blue Footed Booby, Brown Pelican and Queen Butterfly and when you open the book you can see photos of those animals. I like the way you can visually see what animals you are unlocking in the book like photos in an album.


The book also automatically uploads your score onto a leader board in which you can see how many levels you have finished and scored compared to other players. There is a section which shows you which awards you have achieved throughout the game and an artifact page. As you progress through the game you can upgrade the four elements of the ecosystem to restore the animal habitat. It seems like the island is healing and the animals are returning once more, so I think I’m doing a great job at the moment.


Not only can you match up animals and vegetation, it’s also a brilliant opportunity to take a voyage of discovery as I try and find the artifacts that are hidden within the game. Maybe these artifacts are the key to saving the island? The sand hides an abundance of treasures so you’ll have to make sure you explore everywhere. Sometimes you may find that you’ll going over an area repeatedly, but it’s a puzzle game as well remember so it isn’t always suppose to be easy.


The control system is easy as I slide my finger over the various animals and vegetation such as ladybirds, butterflies, tree frogs and of course did I mention the beautiful sea turtles as I match 3 pieces up. The game offers a new perspective as it introduces me to exploration. Now with each match I make the camera will move in that direction. This was great fun and offered a new outlook because I had to be more wary about the pieces I matched together as that would move me with the direction I needed to be going in.


There are various items you’ll need to discover to get through difficult areas. Once you find these items, you can then drag and hold that item in the area you need help. For instance my puzzle stopped me at a stone wall, but I had to then find the pick axe to enable me to break down the wall, so that made the game really interesting. So far I’ve enjoyed exploring the map with its 50 highly addictive levels. Making my way through the levels I also had the chance to play the puzzle in the dark. As the player you have to light torches in order to see the path to the puzzle pieces, so it added another fun element to the game.


To be honest this is the best puzzle game I’ve played for ages on my iphone. The colourful animation and soothing sound effects caught my attention straight away; it’s a quality game with “a huge quantity of puzzles which gives value for money”. It’s a brilliant investment if you like puzzle games and kept my attention. For want of a better word I thought it was very addictive, because you wanted to see what other animals you could discover and what other mysteries’ the island was hiding.

Buy Here Today or try out the Free Paradise Quest lite.

This game was provided for review by I-play




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