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Space Ark Terraforming Guide

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 26 - 2010

StrawDog Studios have released their guide to terraforming, in their upcoming XBLA title, Space Ark.


Picture the scene: you’re an elite Arkonaut, a space travelling animal that’s just landed on a barren planet in need of terraforming. So, what on earth is terraforming and where do you begin?  Well, those talented chaps at indie game developer Strawdog Studios are here to explain what every budding Arkonaut needs to know as they embark upon “Space Ark,” the classically addictive Arcade game to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 in the Spring, your premium destination for downloadable games.

In “Space Ark,” terraforming is turning a barren planet into an oasis of life and it’s achieved by mastering three steps:

Step 1: Collect Combos – Bounce and steer your Arkonaut to collect combos made up of chains of three or more DNA blocks of the same colour.

Step 2: Reach Combo Target – Hold on tight to the DNA chains to reach the Combo Target and rack up those high scores.

Step 3: Exit! – Spin out of the exit and sprinkle DNA across the planet’s surface to bring it back to life.

But of course, that’s not all there is to it! “Space Ark” has six thrilling stages on each of its 28 missions. While the early missions are straightforward enough, things get trickier later as players are helped and hindered by obstacles and collectables such as fans, switches, teleports and power-ups. Arkonauts, get ready to embark on your missions!


Space Ark Promo (20)_598x337

Space Ark Promo (36)_598x337

Space Ark Promo (44)_598x337

Space Ark Promo (45)_598x337

Space Ark Promo (46)_598x337


SpaceArk_r 2010-01-12 20-15-50-12_598x337

SpaceArk_r 2010-01-12 20-15-50-71_598x337


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