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Spaceball Revolution

Posted by Bazaboy On February - 10 - 2010

Bouncing balls in space.

The first thing I have to say about Spaceball Revolution from Virtual Toys is that, like a lot of other PSP Mini‘s, the game has a very simple concept but at the same time is extremely addictive. The aim of game is basically to copy the highlighted squares shown making up a pattern in a small grid in the top left corner of the screen by manoeuvring a targeting reticule around the screen and firing balls at  a similar grid in a larger scale on the main play area of the screen to light up or unlight the squares. Hitting the lines that make up the grid lights up all adjoining squares, so it‘s up to the player to figure out the fastest way possible to recreate the pattern, bearing in mind that you are against the clock for each stage.


In the challenge mode each level is made up of five stages and it all seems so simple at the start of the game with a manageable nine square grid posing no problems, so much so that you begin to wonder where the challenge is. Then, just as you find yourself asking that question, you get your first taste of the chaos that’s about too ensue as the game starts placing moving blocks between you and the grid which stop your spaceballs dead. It only gets worse from there on in. The obstacles soon get devious enough to permanently block some of the target squares, meaning you have to start banking your shots off the 3D walls that surround the grid.


Just as you are beginning to get the hang of playing around these new obstacles, another spanner is thrown into the works by doubling the number of squares that make up the grid and, as you may guess, from there on in things just get tougher.

At the start of each level, that’s between every 5 stages, there is a bonus level which entails using the same target reticule to shoot down flying saucers. This part does seem a little tacked on and unnecessary to me and breaks up the flow of the main game.


Another point is that experienced gamers may find easy and normal on challenge mode no problem whatsoever. I personally completed easy on my first try and normal on my third try. The real challenge comes when you go to the advanced difficulty setting, which I am still working on and can only imagine how hard Master difficulty will be once unlocked.

The free play mode from the main menu basically allows you to play any level that you have unlocked by playing through the challenge mode, providing a perfect way too practice any tricky stages that you may be having difficulty with.


This is one that puzzle game fans will absolutely love. Like most other PSP minis, the graphics and sound are basic but do what is expected of them. However, the simple game play and need to beat just one more stage keeps the player coming back time and again for more.




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