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Suicidal Ninja Robots?

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 19 - 2010

Plain Sight, from Beatnik Games, will be finding its way onto the PC on March 22nd. Console versions will be coming in 2011.

Plain Sight has been in development for a while now. In fact, there was a rumour that the suicidal Ninja robots, that are the main stars of the game, had actually got some help and were now perfectly well adjusted members of society.

But that is not the case, and the robots in question still have all of their suicidal tendencies. Plain Sight will be available on Steam and through other digital distribution platforms on March 22nd, for the price of $9.99.

As a multiplayer arcade game, Plain Sight offers 13 space themed levels of multiplayer deathmatch action. Controlling a ninja robot, players must leap through the level, destroying other robots and stealing their energy.

Doesn’t sound particularly suicidal? Well, the only way to convert all of that stolen energy into match winning points, is to blow yourself up! The more robots you take out in your dramatic explosion, the higher the multiplier.

Then you respawn and start again…

The game features -

- 13 multiplayer maps
- Battle up to 20 players
- 5 self-destructive gameplay modes, ‘Deathmatch’, ‘Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Robozilla’, ‘Lighten Up’, ‘Team Deathmatch/Weakest Clink’ and ‘Capture The Flag’
- In-game power-ups
- 30 different robot upgrades to spend your experience points on
- Perfect your skills against AI ninja robots in the offline practice mode
- Dedicated server software included






Robozilla 1

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