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The Dog

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 15 - 2010

It’s time to go ‘Walkies’ with the new iphone and ipod game called ‘The Dog‘ developed by Connect2media. It’s a new virtual canine that’s waiting for you in your device. This application allows you the owner to select from five very cute puppy breeds. How could you resist them puppy dog eyes?.

Using the interface you can choose from a Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, Labrador and German Shepherd. I choose a Yorkshire Terrier and named her ‘Spocky’. She’s cute and furry and she’s all mine to take care of. When you’re first introduced to the game you’re asked to choose a breed and name. The game slowly tells you how to use the interface and interact with your new canine companion.


You’ll be shown how to whistle, stroke and command your dog to do certain tricks. Teaching your dog new lessons in sitting, jumping and fetching after the ball will enhance your experience and enjoyment with this virtual pet.I certainly had fun with my new hound. Remember though that your new dog will need grooming, washing, training and also want to have some fun. After getting to grips with the touch interface and having a few games of fetch with the Frisbee, I decided upon exploring the rest of the environment.

Initially you start off in the living room where you get to know your dog and play and stroke them. I may have showered my new canine with love and affection by gently stroking her, but I wanted to give my hound a wash. Taking Spocky upstairs, we headed for the shower where I can wash her, but unfortunately I didn’t have any shampoo so that meant a trip to the pet shop.


A map shows you where you can take your dog ‘walkies’. You can decide on a leash and collar before you set out on your journey. I choose pink for mine, which I know is very predictable but looked rather cute. Tapping the touch screen I can tap on the lead to get my dog to walk and I can pull back on the lead to get my dog to stop or avoid obstacles that maybe in the way.It’s very responsive and it gives you a chance to explore the outdoor world. A note to new owners that it’s inevitable that your new pup will poop. Sop be ready with the dog pop bag and dispose of it in the bin. Keep Britain tidy remember!


My first visit was to the pet shop where you can purchase toys which is anything from a tennis ball to a rubber t-bone steak. I just opted for a small ball and red Frisbee. The pet shop is ideal for buying your dog food which includes doggie treats to cute bone cookies.The choice is yours. Food is not the only thing you have to think about when taking care of your dog. He or She will need grooming and cleaning so remember to invest in some nice shampoo, flea spray and comb. There is a good variety of puppy gear to choose from for the first day of walkies. Choose between different colored collars and leashes to heart shaped pendants.


Once you have explored the map which consists of a park, beach, garden, furniture and garden store, competition area and garden it’s time to train your new puppy. Your new pup will want to learn new tricks so it’s down to you to teach them. You can teach them a variety of different trick techniques which will involve you sliding your finger on the touch interface as directed by the arrows.

It will take a while for your dog to understand these tricks so you’ll have to be patient. As a new dog owner, it’s good to reward your puppy with doggy treats, so make sure you have plenty of them. Over time your canine friend will develop new skills and tricks which will help them develop. As your puppy grows you may want to share your experiences and this can be done by sharing a stats tool and sharing your achievements with your friends on Facebook, that’s as long as your puppy doesn’t tear your home to bits.


This has to be the best virtual pet simulator I’ve seen in a long time. It brings love and enjoyment to a whole new level, putting you  the player in control of your very own virtual dog in your pocket.Worming tablets not necessary.

You can purchase The Dog for 2.99 from itunes




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