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City Rain

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 8 - 2010

Buildings falling from the sky and no wicked witches to be crushed.

Welcome to City Rain, published by Ovolo Corporation, on the PC. This casual, puzzle game with a strategic element actually involves buildings raining from the sky. What a strange idea.

City Rain has been described as SimCity meets Tetris, which is actually quite true. Like SimCity, the player is charged with developing a functioning city that meets all of the requirements and keeps the general population happy. Like tetris, the buildings that need to be placed in the city actually fall from the sky and must be moved into the required position before they land. This strange combination of two essentially different games actually works well and I look forward to more of these style of mash ups. Rollercoaster Tycoon meets Halo maybe?


Anyway, the player is given a grid of land and an ever growing collection of objectives. Groups of buildings will start to fall and the player must switch between these buildings to select the correct one, then make sure it is placed in the correct position. Buildings may be upgraded by dropping similar buildings on top of each other, but they can only be upgraded so far, before they are destroyed.

The player must, whilst attempting to complete objectives, also keep the population happy. Destroying buildings, amongst other things, will upset them. You are advised throughout by a very helpful, if slightly annoying, assistant. The overriding objective of this game is all about making the cities sustainable, and your assistant will quite often pop up and remind you of this fact.


As the player progresses, new buildings will become available to be purchased. These structures generally have a green agenda and will be needed to fulfill objectives and keep the populace happy.

The game also offers a couple of other modes to entertain. Blockmaina is quite simply Tetris with buildings. The other mode is Quickplay and this offers more of a challenge, concentrating more on satisfying the needs of your population and keeping everything green. Both of these modes are reasonably short, but offer other ways to enjoy this little title.

Players will have to use their keyboards for all of the controls. The tutorial covers this and, whilst not ideal, can be mastered reasonably quickly. The games campaign mode is obviously the games main focus. Unfortunately, it seems that the games difficulty level has been set way too low. By the time that City Rain starts becoming a challenge, the game is near to finishing, which is a shame.


City Rain is a game that was dreamt up by a group of students in Brazil. Whilst the game has some flaws, these students should be applauded for coming up with a unique concept in this age of sequels. Although short in length, this game has a price that seems to take that into account and the player will find themselves still enjoying the game long after other games at this price point.



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