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Cocoto Magic Circus

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 11 - 2010

Roll up roll up, there’s a new circus in town!!!

Cocoto Magic Circus is a really cute and dazzling shooter. Cocoto had his friends have decided to cause mayhem and chaos on the iphone and ipod touch. A mysterious and yet evil clown has unfortunately kidnapped poor Pixie and it’s down to you to help Cocoto and his friends to save her. Using your best shooting skills you’ll have to overcome many obstacles that get in your way. Armed with just your trusty dart gun you can choose from four characters Cocoto, Shiny, Neuro or Baggy. I choose baggy for my review. Travelling across 5 funny and wonderful coloured theme rides ranging from the Abyss, Volcano, Atlantis, Jungle and Heaven and with a selection of 35 games, you’ll be spoilt for choice

Playing Cocoto Magic Circus is simple by touching the cross** you must shoot at the moving targets which include some scary looking monsters and flying bats. In each of the levels there are various balloons that hover around which do a series of actions which might include additional time, explosions, slow motion, shake, and ones that make you have double vision and nausea. There are also many balloons that will set out to destroy your game play such as the 180 degree balloon that turns your world upside down, balloons that stop you from shooting and balloons that give you 2X or freeze the clock for you.


Most of the levels engage you in a series of shooting targets in a set time, where you’ll have to do your best to avoid shooting Cocoto’s friends in the process. Some levels have you pairing up monster models, protecting the fairy in distress and you’ll have to stop the monsters getting to her.


I like the way that action balloons have been slipped into this game, because its very easy to accidentally turn the screen upside down when you’ve shot a 180 balloon and the atmosphere it takes on when you hit a balloon that makes the screen turn into double vision and slightly shaky. It’s a quirky game with very good 3D environments along with some very good and well designed sprites.


Cocoto Magic Circus also offers real time online multiplayer matches and this is where players from around the world can participate and compete with each other to see who can get the highest score by shooting enemies before your opponent does.


You will be faced with end of level bosses in which you will have to destroy within a set time and bonus stages in which you have to shoot at golden apples in a limited time. The game was very responsive and almost had a cartoon feel about it. It was a great deal of fun and lots of levels to keep you on your feet. You’ve got to be really quick on some of the levels, but half the fun is trying to shoot them evil monsters. GGUK gives this one a thumbs up!!


Developed by Eurocenter

Purchase here today for $3.99




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