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Fallout: New Vegas

Posted by CRayDancer On March - 19 - 2010

I’ve loved the Fallout games ever since being hooked by the intro movie of the first entry in the series back in 1997. Sure, the post-apocalyptic ruins had been the setting for many a game before and since, but none had Fallout’s unique mix of despair, 50s retro Americana style or black humour.

Fallout 3 was released in 2009, and brought everything bang up to date with a compelling and gritty first-person RPG featuring detailed, devastated environments, a gripping storyline and some enjoyably unique combat gameplay mechanics.


Towards the end of 2010, we’ll be able to strap on our PipBoys once again and venture back out into the radioactive wastes with Fallout New Vegas, the latest in the series from Obsidian Entertainment. Using the same engine as Fallout 3, New Vegas will be a standalone title with a new setting and story, containing all that rich detail and dark, satirical humour which fans of the series have come to expect.


Here, the action will be set in and around New Vegas, a post-holocaust version of Sin City in the Mojave Desert. Spared much of the ravages of the war, many of the buildings and amenities in New Vegas are intact – it even has its own water and hydroelectric supply from the nearby Hoover Dam.

Details about the game are sketchy, but a teaser trailer has been released indicating your character has been left for dead, hastily buried in the desert. You are rescued by a robot with a television for a head (trust me, watch it for yourself) and you will no doubt have some dark secrets and skeletons in your closet which will drive the game’s story, putting you in and out of favour with Fallout’s notorious warring factions.


The recently-released batch of new screenshots from the game don’t give away too much either: it’s obvious Obsidian are saving their crown jewels for nearer to the release date. However, they do show some interesting desert town environments and glimpses of the game’s two main trademarks: the kistch US advertising ironically peppered throughout the environments; and some gloriously over-the-top ultraviolence (all the better experienced in the Fallout 3 engine’s slow-mo playback of the results of your offensive actions).


So I’m looking forward to returning once again to the wasteland in Fallout New Vegas, and can’t wait to walk down its version of a post-apocalyptic Strip, carrying out ludicrously over-the-top bullet ballet headshots whilst guzzling from a bottle of radioactive Sunset Sasparilla.

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