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Posted by GG Goblin On March - 25 - 2010

Coming soon to Steam, Fortix is a fantasy based, strategic puzzle game from Nemesys, that is based on the classic game Qix. The game is also available as a PSP Mini title, on the PSN.

Players take on the role of a valiant knight who must conquer lands and vanquish evil. In this particular case, the lands are represented by maps, with different types of terrain, and a fort. By capturing the fort, the player completes the map and moves to the next.


In order to capture areas of the map, the player must leave the baseline. As the warrior moves, a line is left behind him and, by joining this line to the baseline at another point, the player will then have captured the area enclosed within. This may seem quite simple, but as soon as the player leaves the baseline they become vulnerable to various hazards. Should the unfinished line be hit by any of these hazards, the player will lose a life. There are towers that will fire cannonballs at your line and dragons that will attack, or even launch fireballs.To add to the risks, there is even a bat that will travel the baseline and cause the loss of life should it reach you.


The player can neutralize these threats in a number of different ways. By creating a box around the tower, dragon or bat, that hazard will be captured, along with the land. There are also various powerups that can remove these problems. The most common of which are the catapault triggers that, once captured, will allow for a catapault to attack and destroy a tower. There are also powerups that can outright destroy a dragon, freeze the dragons, freeze the towers or even offer limited invincibility. The different terrains that are featured on the maps will have an effect on the player, such as being slowed down in water. There is a speed powerup available that will help, but the player will still be more vulnerable in these areas.


The game offers various difficulty levels that speed up the hazards and add to their numbers. Easy and normal are very simple to work through, but will give the player a chance to develop strategies for the higher difficulties. There are 22 levels in total and a host of achievements to be earned.

Two different control methods are offered, using either mouse or keyboard. Although the mouse method is recommended for casual gamers, I personally found this to be much harder and reverted to using the keyboard.


Fortix is a joy to play through. Each level is relatively short, thanks to the time limit, so the chance to just pick it up and knock out a couple of levels is there. Playing the levels is quite frantic, especially when the time starts running out and the temptation to take risks appears. The game also has a nice addictive feeling to it, with the temptation for just one more try.

My only fault with the game is the length. It does not take long to work through the 22 levels on offer. Even though there are four difficulty levels to conquer, and the temptation to try and better your score lengthens the game, I would really like to see some more levels released, just to add some more variety.


That being said, Fortix is a great casual game that will provide a lot of fun to the Steam community. See you on the leaderboards.




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