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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins Of The Moon

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 29 - 2010

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins Of The Moon on the Nintendo Wii is a beautiful, atmospheric game set in the post apocalyptic vision of Japan. This world is full of troubling spirits, lost souls and wandering ghosts. The planet has become a stranger to itself as the land has fallen on the wayside due lack of human contact. It is full of smouldering ruins and lonely ghosts who need to be reconnected back to a world that once existed.

You play as Seto, a fifthteen year old boy who lives in a dark and creepy observatory with a mysterious old man. Unfortunately the old man passes away and just leaves Seto a letter leaving him to feeling abandoned, alone and isolated. Seto sets out on a journey of discovery and voyages into the unknown world that lies before him. Slowly he sets out into the silent, yet decaying world. He is unsure what life will throw at him or what he will discover. He soldiers on in the hope he will find other survivors among the rubble and debris. He wanders off with only the echo of his voice and memories to keep hold of.


Seto comes equipped with very own personal assistant. It’s a portable assistant with advanced A.I. that Seto wears on his back which is also known as PF. (personal frame]. She assists Seto on his treacherous journey after he salvages her from the ruins of a railway station. Her guide voice guides him on his journey, offering advice and caution when needed as they make their trek through the ruins of this desolate world.

FD 2

Each section of the game gives Seto an objective. Starting off in ‘The Observatory’ .As Seto my aim was to discover a way out, find various objects and investigate areas. Armed with just a flashlight to light up the dark areas of this barren planet, Seto set’s off on his journey.

FD 3

Using the Wii remote and Nunchuk together I could move Seto around very easily. The control stick moves your character around while aiming with the Wii remote. When you point at the screen, the cursor will appear. You face in the direction the cursor is aimed at. With your flashlight equipped to Seto, its beam will travel in whatever direction you’re facing. It took a little getting used to, but with some fine adjustments I soon began to realize that it was simple to move and control.

FD 5

Most of the areas are quite dark, hence the flashlight. Here you will need to search areas. Holding down the B button on your nunchuk allows you to go into what is called ‘Search Mode’. This mode allows you to lock onto your position and have a closer investigation. Most of the items that are scattered throughout the land can be seen by a small gathering of glowing fireflies so there’s no worry about wandering around aimlessly.

FD 6

One of the amazing things I loved about this game is how much atmosphere came from it. Not only are some of the areas, spooky and scary, but you’ll also have the source of sounds echoing from your Wii remote. Personally I found this gave the game an exciting edge and much more realistic feel to it. Sounds can be heard through the wii remote when you are near the source of the sound or becoming closer to it. The wii remote can also be used upright as it can echo advice to the player if you need a hint or feel your getting stuck. It doesn’t give you solutions, but only offers clues.


Scattered around the land are bonfires. These need to be lit if you wish to save your game or if you need to rest and regain health. Keep an eye on your health points as they can rapidly deteriorate while trying to defeat enemies. The more enemies that you can overcome, the more experience you gain and can level up. Sitting by the bonfire you can browse through various items you have gathered which may hold valuable information to you. I suggest you have a look through all of the items as they lead to a selection of the storyline. Some items cast memories of certain relatives throughout the story. Occasionally a merchant may pass by while you’re at your bonfire that will be selling or buying items. His a rather stranger looking character with a slightly oversized chicken head and weird voice. He is a cheerful soul, if a little unnerving at times. He collects beautiful and precious items from around the world.

There are selections of enemies that are willing to destroy you. These come in the forms of anything from giant floating jellyfish to vicious snarling wolves who basically want to rip you to shreds. Of all the enemies that you will encounter, there will be some who will be invisible until you get closer. Use your flashlight to weaken them before attacking them with your Bamboo sword. That’s right, I said Bamboo sword. There’s not a great deal of weapons to choose from when you want to be attacking them nasties. You can choose from the bamboo sword which you use to just whack the enemy, or to much heavier weapons such as the Hammer.


I felt the weapons were a little bit of a letdown to be honest and hitting an enemy with a bamboo sword just felt a bit feeble. Some enemies are weakened to the beam of light from your flashlight which can slow enemies down for a certain amount of time. Taking the light off of them also allows enemies to vanish and then reappear somewhere else. You’ve got to be sharp and quick in this game or you will be doomed. There are different types of flashlights to be found throughout the game, each one offering a different purpose for each given situation. Finding flash bulbs allows Seto to be lit up momentarily, so you can see enemies that maybe a lot close than you realise.

FD 4

You’ll meet all different characters on your travels through the planet. The first one that comes to mind is a young girl called ‘Ren’. She wanders around sketching on the walls and floors of the desolate structures, and befriends strange cats. She’s a bit weird and her singing did become a little annoying at times, but you become accustom to her.

FD 7

Graphically the game is stunning and it’s beautifully detailed cut scenes made me feel like I was watching a movie.  Its picturesque view, and wonderfully rendered backdrops gave the game a terrific atmospheric feel along with its soothing audio gave it a soft and comforting feel. The animation is impeccable and remarkable which truly brings this game to life.

FD 5

The controls were simple and easy allowing players to feel fully absorbed in Seto’s character. Exploring is made fun by the use of the flashlight and even though defeating enemies was not the high point of this game and I felt was a bit of a letdown, it was entertaining and exciting all at the same time. Each chapter takes you closer into finding the answers Seto so strongly requires. Messages are left and voices are heard throughout the game giving it an emotional tug on the heart strings. The loneliness and despair that Seto feels gives this game a good mixture of finely well balanced fantasy that will keep you playing for hours.

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Release: 19th March




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