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Fret Nice

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 9 - 2010

Fret Nice twangs you into a psychedelic world of colour and excitement as this new music style platformer transports us into a delightful and yet strange place.

Prepare to be amazed by its uniquely charged atmosphere and its multicolour backgrounds. Using your guitar peripheral or the Xbox 360 controller you can choose from two characters to take you on your musically themed adventures. This cute and exciting platformer has you taking control of your guitar to fight the enemies through a series of button pressing. Fret Nice is an awesome 2d game with a difference and gives a new purpose for your guitar peripheral.


As you guide your character back and forth across the screen, collecting the multicoloured music notes and battling enemies with your riffs, it’s hard to believe that you can actually play this with a guitar. We found it very difficult and a little unresponsive at times, so opted for the Xbox 360 controller in the end. It’s not very easy to actually collect all the musical notes, because you need to have quite good precision with the buttons and that’s not always an easy task.


However to destroy enemies, you have to watch their facial attributes to show the note combination required, which appear in a bubble above the creatures head, such as eyes, mouth and antennas.  You have to play the corresponding number of notes to destroy them and then chase them as they dash across your screen in an attempt to run away from you. Different attributes mean two different notes in the riff or 3, and so on. Players should play the fewest number of notes possible to defeat the enemy. The game is fairly straight forward as you press the A button to jump and the X button to run and climb. It takes a little getting used to.


Fret Nice has 12 levels and each has 10 medals to earn. You have to be quite good in each level to unlock all the stages. This does mean you have to replay levels over and over again. Collecting all the notes requires unlocking switches to access the high areas. This can be an ardous task, as reaching these high areas required some precision button pressing to balance on clouds or bounce upon the well placed trampoline drums.


The games graphics made me initially think of Patapon and that was a brilliant game. They’ve created and designed some nice, bold sprites for this particular platformer which comes across as delightful and charming. Its upbeat music makes you feel compelled to continue through the musical cluster of notes in an attempt to reach the end and grab onto the candy cane pole that’s hanging from the overhead helicopter, which is there to rescue you at the end of each level.

The characters also can be customized enabling players to change characters hair, shoes, t shirts, accessories and even change their guitar.


The game has a huge amount of personality and I found myself merrily working my way from one level to the next. It has a ‘feel good’ factor that automatically makes you feel positive. The only downfall with this particular game is that the control system was a bit fiddly at times which meant quite a bit of button bashing.

Jumping was a bit of a pain in the game as it felt slightly static mid flight, as I floated through the air. The hidden power ups that are scattered through the levels were sometimes very out of reach. Your medal scores which can be uploaded to the Xbox Live leader board where you can compare scores with your friends.

Fret Nice is a simple, but cute game that reaches into the depths of your imagination and pulls away a fun and entertaining platformer.

Publisher: TECMO KOEI




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