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Giana Sisters

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 15 - 2010

Giana Sisters on the iphone and ipod touch is a bright and colourful and classic platformer. Giana Sisters was originally made for the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, MSX and the classic Commodore 64 back in 1987, so it was good to see it resurface onto mobile phones.

Giana Sisters is a really good experience of a retro platforming game. In this new adventure we watch as Giana wakes up in her bedroom with a chest full of blue diamonds. Suddenly the chest falls from Giana’s clutches and falls into a hole. Giana soon finds her self in a land similar to a famous platform world. With charming graphics and upbeat melodies to keep Giana company on her journey, we watch as she begins her travels.


Using the touch screen controls you can move Giana back and forth across the screen and by using the green arrow you can allow her to jump. Her world is filled with golden pipes that she must jump on, platforms that need balancing on and bricks that can either be tapped to destroy them or for you to find precious blue diamonds inside. I found the controls really easy, but beginners may find it a little bit fiddly to begin with. The controls are very responsive, but jumping needs perfect timing and precision. Some of the gaps are a little wider than I anticipated at times, which led me to fall to my doom on several occasions. Swiping up or down in the middle of the touch screen allows you to look in that direction, which is handy when you’re not sure where a hole may lead. Some underground holes lead to hidden areas in which you can find extra blue and red diamonds.


Giana’s world is filled with many monsters and creatures that need to be defeated. In order to do that you can either bounce onto of their heads to instantly kill them. Giana also can change into Punk Giana and while in this state she can destroy stones by jumping against them from below. Punk Giana also has other talents in which she can press the fire button to shoot energy balls to destroy enemies. If for some reason you are touched by an enemy whilst in the Punk Giana state you then unfortunately transform back into the original Giana and therefore cannot destroy certain bricks.


Throughout the game there are blue diamonds to collect as well as red ones. The red diamonds are scattered throughout the land and this can gain you access to a bonus level if you collect the required amount.  Collecting a 100 blue diamonds allows you to gain an extra life, which is very handy in this game. Each level will have you jumping from pillar to pillar and Giana will need to time her jumps well to make it over the scary fish jumping out of the water who want to eat her. There are flowerpots on each level which allow you to auto save your progress.


A simple map allows you to move from level to level so there’s no worry about getting lost. Each level provides a fun and exciting experience which instantly was a hit for me. The graphics were very good and the game is excellently crafted and polished. With 80 new levels and 32 retro levels it’s a difficult game to put down. It has a very addictive appeal to it as you collect the blue diamonds to how well the controls perform allowing me to complete absorb myself in this great platformer. If you like retro gaming and platformers then this will be the ultimate entertaining game that will keep you amused for endless hours and one of the best platformers I’ve played in absolutely ages.

Developed by Bad Monkee

Priced at $2.99




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