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iMusic Puzzle

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 22 - 2010

A music puzzle that uses your own library, which is far more fun than alphabetising your CD collection.

iMusic Puzzle is the latest iPhone offering from I-play. The game challenges players to recognise their favorite tunes from their library.


The game offers two different modes, arcade and quickplay. Arcade will pick songs at random from your library, whilst quickplay allows the player to create a playlist of songs with which to play. They will then be challenged with three different types of puzzle, revolving around clips taken from the songs and either identifying the clips that are from the same song or, more interestingly, putting the clips from one song in the correct order.


This makes iMusic Puzzle a very personal experience. Should the player have a huge collection of songs, then this tittle could offer a near endless collection of puzzles. Also, the type of music affects the game. People who listen to a large collection of dance music will find the game significantly harder than people who enjoy variety, simply because of the similarity of a lot of dance tracks. You catch my drift?


The game looks bright and colourful and offers a simple menu and control system. The limit of the types of puzzle is a shame, but then there is only so much you can do with music clips. It is nicely set up and very easy to play. Given the option to continue with previous games, iMusic Puzzle is actually a perfect way to waste a few spare moments and will offer more interactivity than just listening to the music alone.


As previously mentioned, the quality of this game is solely reliant upon the players music library. That being said, all but those with a handful of songs will find this enjoyable. Whilst not the deepest of games, iMusic Puzzle will waste a bit of time and offer a whole new experience every time that new music is added to the iPhone.

iMusic Puzzle is available here for just £1.79




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