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Just Dance

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 15 - 2010

Just dance is an entertaining game on the Nintendo Wii, from Ubisoft, for those who love showing off and get down and boogie. If the ‘Groove is in your heart’ then your more than likely move to it. The game only requires one Wii Remote per player, which is ideal, and up to four people can play. Follow the on screen choreographed moves, which are set to all genres of music from old classics to modern day hits. It’s a party game testing your sense of rhythm and timing. It’s not one of the easiest games I’ve played.

The game play revolves around you putting a Wii Remote in your hand and then trying to imitate the moves on screen. Make sure you have enough room for this game as it has you moving in all kinds of directions. You’re supposed to follow the on screen dancer as though it was your own image or mirror reflection. Sounds easy enough, but I found, to begin with, that I couldn’t always get the positions exactly right, even though I thought I had.


The flow of your body movements should be sensed by the Wii Remote and compared with those of a professional dancer in order to evaluate your performance. This is a game that also detects how much energy you put into your dance routine, in which I seemed to fail a lot. For each of the movements, the system determines and evaluates your performance for rhythm, quality and dance combo moves. There are 3 possibilities which are bad, OK or Great. The gauge on the side fills up depending on how responsive you are, compared to the on screen dancer. If you’re good enough and do well you can set your gauge on fire and win combo points.


There are little pictograms that are shown in the corner to show you what the next predetermined moves may be. Not only do you have to dance around you may also have to do a little shaking. When the word ‘Shake’ appears on the screen you have to do your best to shake the Wii Remote as hard as you can to win the maximum amount of points.

The game is easy to jump into with ‘Quick Play’. You just choose the music and dance. In the challenge mode you can configure the game with personalized rules and a preset of choreographies. There is also the choice of allowing the game to choose the music for you. If you’re not up for the challenge you can always take it easy in ‘Warm up mode’. This is just an area for stretching and getting your muscles ready for your crazy dance workout. Your score is calculated by the good moves you make. The winner is the player who scores the highest amount. In ‘last One Standing’ everyone begins with seven lives. Each incorrect move unfortunately loses you a life. You can regain a life by successfully completing a combo of five ‘great’ moves. The ‘Strike a pose’ mode is very much like musical statues. You have to top moving when your gauge freezes with a STOP sign. If you move when the gauge is frozen you’ll lose a lot of points.


Although I thought the selection of songs for this particular dance title were excellent, I did find myself feeling like a complete idiot. Although this game may be ideal to play with friends on a Friday night, I’m not sure if I would want anyone to see my embarrassing dancing moves. Following the on screen dancer with her super moves seemed essentially easy, until she did a dynamic move making me think I should be in the School of Fame or Glee Club


I love the fact that they have chosen a nice choice of music for this party game, but was disappointed that the Nintendo Wii was not as receptive and responsive as I had hoped it would be. Maybe with more practice I could get the dance moves to perfection, but in the meantime I’ll have to make do with my basic dance moves.


Graphically the game seemed a little bit of a let down and it would have been good to see maybe real video clips or some decent visualizations. Essentially it’s a good little game which will have you moving around your living room like you’ve been dancing for years, but in the meantime I’m going to stick to dancing in front of the mirror with my hairbrush.




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Set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 15th.


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