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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On March - 4 - 2010

Coming when they want to Xbox360 and PS3.


Kane & Lynch’s first outing was not the best. A lot of people felt that it had control issues and that the character modelling was ugly. So, all in all, it didn’t really set the critical world on fire. But under all the rough edges lay a hell of a good story and game. Those who spend more than 5 minutes in the Kane & Lynch world would have discovered this. This summer sees the boys back, which may come as a shock to the critics. This will be the sequel to Kane and Lynch: Dead Men and is called Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, which refers to those hottest days in the summer where nothing quite goes right and, from the looks of things, nothing will be going right this time round for our duo.

So what’s this instalment going to be all about? Well, If the first game saw you playing the tale of Kane’s revenge and redemption, then this time out its Lynch’s turn. The story picks up right after the events of the first game and is based over a 48hr period. What have the duo been up to since the end of the first game? Lynch has found his way to Shanghai and is running a small crew who like to be called the Glazer. This rag tag band of mercenaries do various heists and bank jobs. Lynch plans to do one final job and just happens to give his best friend Kane a call. Kane accepts the offer because he needs the cash to support his daughter. Although Lynch is a psychopath and this fail safe plan quickly goes south. The duo find themselves embroiled in the thick of the action again.

How will the overall look of the game have changed from the first? Danish developers IO Interactive have taken the duo in a whole new direction. Dramatically changing the style and feel of the game by giving it a visual overhaul and making the game look like it a low-quality amateur YouTube video.

So if you run, the screen will shudder and if you get hit, the screen will shake up and down. If you get hit too much, you will go into a CoD style final fight mode where you have to get to cover to heal, but as this happens the colour starts to bleed out of the screen until you recover. These are just some of the effects IO Interactive are adding to the game, creating an experience that is completely unique.

Also on top of single player, Kane & Lynch 2 has multiplayer. This was something that the first game did well. It was called Fragile Alliance. This was the only on-line mode in the first game, and saw a team of 4 players doing bank jobs or stealing jewels in a cops & robbers-style heist. But its stand out feature was that at any time in the game you could kill the other players and steal their share of the prize pot. This not only makes the game tense but also gives it a great edge in that no one could be trusted ever, even if you are playing with your friends.

IO Interactive have said the Fragile Alliance with make a welcome return in the new game, although there will be more modes working with the mechanics of the first. Even though details on the new modes are light on the ground, it is safe to say that IO Interactive are investing heavily in the new on-line sections of the game.

So there was a quick glance of the next chapter in the duos story. Things are shaping up well and with new style and modes hopefully this game will shake the stigma of the first game. To find out our full verdict be sure to check back for the full in depth review coming this summer.

In and out in 5


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