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Phantom of Inferno Gets a Make Over

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 25 - 2010

According to Famitsu today, Phantom of Inferno (known in Japan as Phantom Phantom Inferno) is having  a visual and audio make over

The novel game was created by Nitroplus, and distributed by Hirameki International (a subsidiary of the Japanese visual novel publisher Hirameki). It came out in Japan in 2000, and then was distributed in America as an AnimePlay title in 2003.

fam 1

In 2000 the software of Phantom Inferno was created for the PC. The film is an adventure game to draw hard-boiled masterpiece of pure romance with a mysterious girl made up to an assassin hero. This time, with a Synopsis of the story, check out the new elements unique to this work.

fam 2


Executive assassination occurred in a series of underworld mafia in America. The shadow of the mysterious organization “Inferno” and the most powerful assassins “Phantom” was rumored to have a behind the scenes. During such, the boy was visiting the United States was involved in the case, also happens to encounter a phantom. I know that girls get the identity of the phantom. Their Memory is erased, to learn the art of assassination.

fam 3

The biggest difference between this work and the PC version, the 2009 scenario that incorporates graphics and animation elements was televised. The Graphic elements of the design has been completely revamped. All the scenarios are added to the configuration of the original anime TV episodes. The point has also been the voice track is a line different from the PC version.

fam 4

Phantom currently resides as both an interactive (choose your own adventure) video game, a small 3 part OVA anime series, and an 26-episode anime.


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