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Rise of Prussia

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 15 - 2010

Lead Prussia through the Seven Years War, or rewrite history. It is your choice.

Rise of Prussia is the latest turn based strategy offering from AGEOD, developers of such games as American Civil War and Napoleon’s Campaigns. Once again we take to gloriously detailed maps upon which we can move around our units. But this time the action takes place during the famous Seven Years War in Europe. Help King Frederick II of Prussia in the war against the Austrian led coalition. Or change the path of history forever and choose the coalition.


Rise of Prussia features a selection of campaigns covering the Seven year War, spanning 1756 to 1763. This may be slightly off putting to all but the true history  boffins out there, simply because the scope of the game is so slim. However, with each turn lasting only 15 days, and so much to do on each turn, gamers may be surprised at how long a game can last.


Straight off the bat, AGEOD make bold claims that this entry into the turn based strategy genre is streamlined and simpler, whilst still maintaining the level of depth that would be required by fans. Sadly, the learning curve is still set incredibly high and players who have thus far avoided this style of game will still find themselves swamped. Fans, however, will slip easily into their roles as arm chair generals. The interface is simpler, and the game is easier to play, but only to someone who has already mastered the complexities of AGEOD’s previous titles.


Players old and new are encouraged to work their way through the tutorial campaigns to begin with just to brush up on the control methods and the interface. The option then is to choose from the opening campaign covering Saxony in 1756, any of the six annual campaigns between 1757 and 1763, or the grand campaign that covers the entire period.


The map, split into more than 1,000 regions, is littered with flags and small representations of towns and other items of interest. The players units are represented either by a card with the leading officers portrait or a 3D model on an octagonal base. Featured within Rise of Prussia are more than 100 different leaders and more than 300 units. Moving units around the map is a simple matter of dragging and dropping, with a proposed route to the destination showing up along with the number of turns that this move will take. Units can be stacked in order to build larger armies, although this can depend on the rank of the commanding officer.


Battles take place simply within the imagination of the player, with a fully detailed battle report available at the end of each turn. Going into battle is, however, only one choice of many that the player has when dealing with opposing forces. Being able to avoid battle is one other choice, simply by outmanouevering the enemy. Another choice is to cut of their supply lines and lower their morale. It is this kind of depth that makes a game like this so rewarding and raises it above the rest.


To look at the game, one is instantly reminded of a tabletop game. The graphics are really not that impressive and, although incredibly detailed, give the feeling of a much older game. The interface is nice and works really well, once the player learns how to use it. Clicking a commander will intsantly show all of the units that are assigned at the bottom. A handy mini map is also shown, which is very useful considering the sheer scale of the playing area.


Rise of Prussia is aimed at a very distinct audience and I am sure that the audience in question will get hours and hours of enjoyment out of this title. It is still, however, far beyond the reach of your average gamer though, with its complexity and depth. This is not helped by the relatively limited scope of the game, covering a conflict lasting only seven years. That being said, Rise of Prussia has a simply breathtaking amount of detail to its gameplay and AGEOD should be applauded for this.



This game was provided for review by GamersGate


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