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Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 4 - 2010

Do you have what it takes to be an expert safecracker?

You’ve been hired by a wealthy family of the recently deceased billionaire to search for the last will and testament of their late relative. This will involve you working your way through the mansion to discover the challenging and sometimes frustrating puzzles ahead of you.

There are 35 puzzles to be solved in this point and click adventure in which you have to use your skill and intelligence to gain entry to each  safe, and make your way through the various and wide selection of puzzles. Most of the puzzles are aimed at using your lateral and logical thinking as well as preying on your patience a little. As the expert safecracker you will travel from safe to safe to follow the trail of the valuable documents that the family need.

safecracker screen

During your travels you will have a magnifying glass that is ideal for looking to inspect the contents of a safe once the safe has been opened. It’s also an opportunity to pick up and examine objects that you may come across. Your inventory briefcase is where you gather the objects you have collected and need to look at again later.

The overhead map shows clearly in what direction you can travel in and marks out in green the puzzles that you have solved, and in red the puzzles that still need your attention. A simple compass in the corner of the screen highlights in which direction you are facing. The onscreen arrows allow you to move forward, left, and right and turn all the way around within the rooms. Although in some areas I found that my character was unable to stand in some areas.


The camera view is ok, but sometimes I found that I couldn’t work out how far I had stepped into the room making it a little hard to interpret. There are some scattered post it notes throughout the mansion which are notes and diary pages which will inform you of hints and tips that could provide valuable information in discovering them all important documents.

Most of the puzzles have you deciphering codes or collecting items which may form such things as a fuse box. The aim of the game is to try your up most to crack through the safes and ultimately find the important documents.

I’ve played quite a few puzzle games in my time, but this game led me to believe that it had a slightly poor production value.  I had such high hopes for this particular game, but found myself disappointed. Unfortunately once you have played the game there is no replay factor which is a real shame when it comes to titles such as this. A nice idea would have been to add some kind of multiplayer section in maybe where you could team up with a friend to solve the puzzles, but sadly this wasn’t the case.

The puzzles will have you thinking hard and to the corners of your mind with the little added distraction of a rather small and dated storyline. As much as I like to play puzzles games, I felt that this particular adventure was a little bit of a let down. There was nice selection of puzzles on offer, but I found them frustrating and annoying at times. There were some that were quite fun and entertaining and many of the puzzles are quite detailed and difficulty levels range from easy to hard.

My first impressions of the graphics made me feel that they were a little bland and uninviting and I had hoped there could have been more colour. The background music was unfortunately the same tune throughout the game which seemed a bit melancholy and together with a non-existent storyline made it feel a considerably short game. Sadly ‘Safecracker’ doesn’t meet the grade when it comes down to ideal puzzle games that make you craving for more.

Developer: Firehazard Studio

Publisher: The Adventure Company




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  1. Bane Said,

    I was really hoping this wasn’t just a port of the 2005 pc game, unfortunately it looks to be precisely that. Shame really.

    Posted on March 4th, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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