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Upcoming from I-play

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 2 - 2010

I-play have announced two upcoming iPhone games, Paperboat Race and iMusic Puzzle.

Paperboat Race will allow players to blow into the microphone in order to make their boat set sail. Those lacking the air may use the onscreen buttons instead, using the blowing option for a speed boost. Tilt the iPhone to navigate through the gates and around obstacles to beat your opponents to the finish line.

The game will feature four championships, each with five races, and increasing difficulty.  Leaderboards and achievements will be provided by Openfeint and there will even be  the option to publish achievements on Twitter and Facebook.


iMusic Puzzle challenges the player with audio puzzles created from the songs in their iTunes Library.

The game currently offers three puzzles:
- Shuffle.  A portion of a song is played and then it explodes into multiple audio samples. You’ll have to arrange them in the correct order, making the music flow!
-  Memory. A deck of audio segments is displayed, you need to listen and find the pairs with the same part of the song!
- Drop. Samples of different songs are falling; you need to quickly drop them in their corresponding song slot!

There are two gameplay modes:
- Arcade, in which iMusic Puzzle will randomly select 28 songs from your iTunes Libray
- Quick Play, where you can pick up your favorite songs and play them!

Again, achievements and leaderboards are provided by Openfeint and the ability to publish the achievements to Twitter and Facebook is included.




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