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Abduction Action!

Posted by Tambo On April - 29 - 2010

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a tractor beam.

Abduction Action! is the latest Xbox Live Indie game from Fun Infused, the developer of the great Indie, action-platformer, Nasty. In my last XBLA weekly update, I mentioned this game as I thought it looked fun and quirky! The good news is – it is fun and quirky!

There are two modes to choose from, Score Attack: One life to live, the highest score gets the glory, or Story Mode: the epic tale of aliens annoying the human race.


Score Attack is, well, exactly what it says on the tin. One life and countless baddies to kill in a variety of ways as you rack up your score before inevitably, you get blown up.

In story mode you play a useless UFO pilot who has only been let behind the wheel (or whatever it is that steers a UFO) because you married the Alien Commanders sister. The second highest-ranking alien of them all is exactly as an alien brother in law should be – grumpy, sarcastic, insulting and wishing you an early death. Still don’t let that stop you following your dreams of becoming the best UFO pilot the universe has ever seen.


Luckily, the controls are pretty simple – the left analogue stick moves you in any direction whilst the A button is your all-important Tractor Beam. After some very basic training you’re off on your first mission. Each of the 5 missions have tasks to complete that range from killing birds, abducting cows or cheerleaders, dodging bullets, flash bombing farmers, taking down police helicopters or dropping people from a great height (which results in beautiful little red pixel chunks when they hurtle and squish to the ground). All the tasks are designed to either annoy or totally destroy the pathetic earthlings, which is great fun.


In fact the whole game is fun with its twisted agenda, witty writing, comedy vocals and rock soundtrack. There are ten in-game ‘Awardments’ (hee hee) to go for and it does get trickier to stay alive as the game progresses.

There are plenty other UFO games on the Internet you can play for free but none are as smooth to control, have such a variety of tasks nor will have you chuckling away like this one. Abduction Action is a tad above basic but is a real gem. It has some quirky touches, the tasks are quite addictive and it will keep you amused as you relentlessly torment the human race, making it a bargain at only 80MP.



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