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Clover: A Curious Tale

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 6 - 2010

Clover: A Curious Tale takes player into a delightful puzzle platformer. Originally released on XBLIG, Binary Tweet and Blitz 1UP decided to make this wonderful platformer onto the PC.

As the orphan Sam, you start the game in your house and are visited by a knock on the door. A royal guard is visiting you to bring you an orphan’s allowance. Your mother has passed away aboard the HMS Jingo and this entitles you to an allowance from his Majesty King Heybrich. The visiting guard suggests that you should repay his kind generosity by searching the land for various pieces of debris from HMS Jingo and take the pieces to the castle.

You have to be careful of your actions within the game, due to the fact that the land is going through very troubled times and anyone acting weirdly or strange will be jailed immediately. Bear in mind when I first played this game, I actually went to jail twice. I think there is a series of actions that needed to be taken in a certain order or I was just acting ‘that’ suspicious.


Throughout the game you can also decide if you want the hint feature to appear or not, but it’s relatively easy to follow the storyline. Occasionally I would find myself gathering the required items for the people of the community and getting a bit lost. I found myself retracing steps backward to find out where I had gone wrong. This is the sort of game that you need to really concentrate on when you hear conversations that ‘may’ provide you with valuable information.


You need to have a keen eye on detail and be quite observant in order to find items. There are areas of the game where you will feel that Sam cannot help or participate, but there are ways around everything and you have to really think what the next best strategy is to progress forward.


Throughout the game there are various people of the community that require your help and using your thinking cap you have to piece together what items you have gathered in order to help or rescue them. Sometimes you have to be quick otherwise other people may suffer the circumstances due to your delay.


There are a selection of animals that wander along the ground which move back and forth. Although these animals cause you no real harm, if were to touch them they do have a tendency to knock the various items you collected out of your hands so you have to collect them up again.


In your house you are surrounded by a selection of items. Sam can only carry two items at a time, so rather than wandering around picking items up that were needed in certain areas and going back and forth, I decided to neatly put them in a line in one area.  At some point through the game, you will have to interact with these items to continue the story. Every person has a story to tell and every problem has a solution. You just have to think things through, even if you think it does not make sense or impossible.

Using ASWD buttons, you can move your character around the screen and the space bar to jump over any obstacles that get in the way. You can easily bring up the inventory screen with the tab button and you use the ctrl button to interact. You will need certain items to open, activate or unlock various objects. The game allows players to examine their logical and lateral thinking skills in able to progress through the game. Finding objects through the game is easy and given enough time you soon begin to learn that not only do you have to find the required items, you may have to combine them at times to form the next solution.

The water coloured art in its Tudor style landscape is appealing to the eye making it stand out among other point and click, puzzle adventure games I’ve seen before. The game brings a refreshing feel to its hand sketched graphics which allow players to fully immerse themselves into this beautifully adapted game. It has a great sense of charm and grace to it which enables players to feel comfortable and intrigued at the same time. It’s quaint music merrily playing in the background makes players feel like there is no need to hurry or rush through the game, but take their time. The only downfall with this game is that I felt the voices didn’t really match up with the characters within the game and they felt slightly out of place.


If you want a relaxing puzzle platformer then I suggest you give this one a shot. Anything that uses logical or lateral thinking is always a bonus in my book. This game makes you explore, investigate, and grow an intriguing and curious mind as you piece together the storyline and adopt new ways of thinking. A charming classic game that leads you into a world of puzzles, adventure and mystery. Clover is £5.95.



This game was provided for review by GamersGate


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