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Hysteria Project

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 26 - 2010

Creepy goings on.

Hysteria Project, from Sanuk Games, originally appeared on the iPhone a while back. It has now crept its way onto the PSP as part of the Minis range, and it has brought a rusty axe with it.

Hysteria Project plays like an interactive movie. The player awakens in a dark and creepy room with both arms and legs bound with tape. With no idea of why you are there, or who is responsible, the player has only one real choice of what to do. Get out quick, before something really bad happens.


So, the player has a decision and is presented with a number of choices. Make the correct choice and watch as your hapless victim moves through the next real life acted scene, to the next decision. Of course, the wrong choice will result in a grizzly end to both the character life and the game, putting the player back to a previous decision.


At times, the player will also have to affect things on screen directly, by hitting certain buttons within a given time. When you first start playing, this can take you by surprise and result in a rather unfortunate accident with an axe (well, they will never find the body, so it could be an accident). There are even a couple of little puzzles within the game, which add a bit of variety.


The scenes are filmed well and set up a suitably creepy environment that will be familiar to anyone who enjoys “lost in the woods” style horror movies. Putting on a pair of headphones and turning down the lights will certainly add atmosphere to the game and have people leaping from their seats.

Whilst very enjoyable, and certainly different from the currently available games out there on the Sony handheld, Hysteria Project suffers from a fundamental problem. Once the game has been played and the player is safe, there is really not much to entice the player back to play again. As I said earlier, it is like an interactive movie and can be thought of as such. A movie has to be really good for me to sit through it more than once, but Hysteria Project does not quite reach that level, being more of a B movie. That being said, the full game will last over an hour and, at a price of just £1.19, actually provides decent value for money.


It takes a bit of getting your head around, but if you can try to see this as entertainment, rather than a game, then it is likely to impress, especially given the high chance of a sequel. But from a game point of view, Hysteria Project doesn’t offer enough gaming and will likely disappoint. At just £1.19 though, it is worth trying and making your own mind up.




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