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Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Posted by David Hollingsworth On April - 19 - 2010

Online cowboy shenanigans.

Lead and Gold was recently released on steam and we had a chance to take a look at the game back in beta. A month on from our first look at the game, it’s time to see if developer Fatshark has made any changes, or if they used this time to refine the game. The short answer is no, the game still features the same classes, game modes etc as it did. The main change is that the lag has gone, apart from the standard lag that we have come to expect from online games, and this is a good thing. The beta has given Fatshark a great chance to perfect the game, ready for its release.


Lead and Gold features quite an extensive amount of game modes. From Team Deathmatch, known here as Shootout, and Conquest known as, well, Conquest, to variations on old favourites. Powder Keg sees one team trying to blow up objectives using kegs, with the other team defending those same objectives. Gold Fever is a take on Left 4 Deads survival mode, which sees one or two players fending off waves of bots, while gathering sacks of gold to earn more xp. Greed sees both gangs trying to deliver as many gold sacks as possible to your teams drop zones. Finally, Robbery is another variation on Powder Keg, but the attacking team has to blow up the opposing teams vault and steel their gold. With all these game modes and six maps to play them on, as well as a short practice mode to get you into the feel of the game and how the controls and mechanics work.


The games classes are The Blaster, The Deputy, The Gunslinger and The Trapper. Each of the four classes features their own unique play style, with different guns and specials abilities. Each class also features their own “synergy” effect, which gives a range based boost to their teammates. The Blaster, who uses a double barrel shotgun and pistol is best suited to close range combat, and features the special ability to throw dynamite at his foes and uses a defence synergy. The Trapper is the only female member of the four and is the sniper of the classes, thus making her deadly at long-range. She wields a hunting rifle and pistol, as well as the ability to place traps on the group for her enemies to stand in and providing her a way to defend her sniping spots. She also uses a critical synergy. The Deputy uses a Rifle, which is great for mid to long-range fire, and has the ability to tag his enemies. The Deputy also uses the damage synergy. The Gunslinger uses a heavy revolver, which is highly accurate, and uses a rapid fire ability that is great for short-range. He also uses the accuracy synergy. All of the classes in Lead and Gold will be perfect for different types of players, none feel overly powerful or weak, and if used well as part of a team, you can create quite a force. The maps themselves are well laid out so that each class has places to run and places to hide.


On the presentation front, the game is strong. The character models are well designed and each is easy to tell apart. The maps are set in a very typical western style environment, with train tracks, bars and towns all featuring, giving you a great feel of the western setting. On a more technical front, the games visuals are of a high standard and it does not look out-of-place. It is well up there with some of the best looking downloadable games on the Pc.


When all is said and done, Lead and Gold wont leave you feeling short-changed. With Steam achievements, multiple game modes, maps and great classes, Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is a great little game. It’s not perfect, the slight lack of numbers in the online lobbies can be a downer, but, as a package, the game is solid. With additional content in the future, it’s the sort of game that will have many dedicated players for a long time to come.



This review was written by David Hollingsworth, editor of GeekMandem

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