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Conan Unconquered Announced

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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past ‘Discover the World’ Trailer

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Majesty 2: Kingmaker

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 2 - 2010

It is time to return to Majesty 2, with this new expansion, Kingmaker.

It has been six months since Majesty 2 was released by Paradox Interactive, and it is maybe about time that an expansion to the original game was offered. At £9.95, does Kingmaker offer a worthwhile investment to the players of Majesty 2? Or are we doomed to be kept waiting for a decent Majesty 2 fix?


Well, the first thing that Kingmaker offers is an additional campaign for the player to enjoy. This time around, the Kingdom of Ardania must be protected from an onslaught of Goblins and the return of Grum-gog. This campaign offers eight new missions facing off against adversaries old and new. Whilst following the same formula as the levels in the original game, these new levels offer an increased difficulty that should keep the veterans, and new comers, busy for a fair few hours. It is nice to return to Ardania, but a bit more variety would have been appreciated

Whilst the new campaign offers up a collection of interesting new enemies to overcome, the home team appears to have been slightly overlooked. In reality, the only new unit available out of the box, is the Ice Mage. Should you be fortunate enough to get hold of one of these guys, you will be impressed with their abilities. But where is the love for the defenders of Ardania? Surely more than one  new unit could have been thrown in?


Anyway, to add to the content roster, Kingmaker provides an additional bunch of non story related missions to try your hand at, should the campaign not be enough. These missions offer a nice diversion and can be replayed without risk of monotony, thanks to the option to randomize the placement of key buildings in the game. This option is also available in the campaign missions and gives the player a chance to play a slightly different mission each time. Although perhaps not ideal for levels that the player keeps failing. Sometimes familiarity is the only advantage a player can get.

Perhaps the most important addition included in this expansion, is the map editor. This simple to use, yet fully featured application gives the player the opportunity to create their own maps for the game and their own missions.


GamersGate, who provided this expansion for review, have even set up shop within the world of Kingmaker. From the main menu, the player can head into the store and spend Blue Coins, the currency of choice on GamersGate, on a host of additional content for the game. Everything from items, abilities, spells, missions, units and buildings are available, and I am sure that there will be new content added on a regular basis. I am not a huge fan of microtransactions, especially not for a game that you have to buy to begin with, but I am sure that this extra content will be welcomed by the biggest fans.


So, is this expansion a worthwhile investment?. For the big fans, yes it is. They are the ones who will get the most from this and also use the store for even more content. For the passing player, however, the content is a bit light on the ground. No drastic changes have been made and charging extra for content that maybe should have been included with this package feels a bit cheeky to me. What you actually get is good and fun, but there should have been more.



This game was provided for review by GamersGate


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