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New For Nintendo!

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 26 - 2010

This week, we are treated to one WiiWare, One Virtual Console and a handful of DSiWare games.


The Will of Dr Frankenstein
Enjoy Gaming Ltd – 500 Wii Points

This weeks first and only new offering in the WiiWare category, is this adventure game revolving around a young orphan called Frankie. His great-great uncle, Dr Frankenstein, needs some help building a strange machine.

From what I have seen, the game revolves around talking to people on the island to gather the items needed, using a “Steampack” to suck up the annoying Vaporites that are damaging mechanical engines, and playing short mini games that revolve around repairing the damaged contraptions.

With simple controls and a colourful, fun setting, this game may be a good buy for the younger adventure gamers out there.



Earthworm Jim
Gameloft – 500 DSi points

The worlds most favorite worm is back, in this remake of his SNES classic. Not only does the player get a faithful reproduction of the game, but something new has been added to make the game specific to the DSi. At certain points during the game, the player will be challenged to replicate Earthworm Jim’s facial expressions in order to gain a bonus.

The main game is classic platforming at its best. Work through the totally random levels and defeat bizarre enemies in epic boss battles. This game has a level of humour that will have players chuckling to themselves and wondering why the cow? I cannot recommend this game enough, but maybe I am biased.


Xform – 500 DSi Points

As a young boy, the player must work through various worlds filled with obstacles in order to save your stolen goldfish, Flipper. With four worlds, each containing five levels, this 3D puzzle platform game is set to last a fair while. The game looks awesome and the puzzles, in which the player has to alter the environment to proceed, look both devious and entertaining.

This certainly looks like one to check out for the puzzle fans out there.


Nnooo – 200 DSi Points

DSi applications are generally aimed at the younger audience, and this is no exception. Take a photo with the DSi camera and turn it into a postcard.

With a wide selection of different postcard themes, stamps and even ink colours with which to fill out your postcard. People that are inclined to buy this app will have plenty of choices.

I have to admit that I don’t get it, but that’s nothing new. Still, I guess there is a market for this kind of thing, somewhere.

Game & Watch – Ball
Nintendo – 200 DSi Points

A couple of new Game & Watch titles this week, with the first of these classic LCD games being Ball. Featuring the first appearance of Mr Game & Watch, players must keep either two or three balls in the air.

Game & Watch – Flagman
Nintendo – 200 DSi Points

A simple memory game in which players must memorise a sequence of numbers. Pretty simple stuff.

Game & Watch – Donkey Kong JR
Nintendo – 200 DSi Points

This is more like it. The evil Mario has captured Donkey Kong and it is up to Junior to rescue his dad. Jump and climb to collect the keys, whilst avoiding random birds and crocodiles that seem to be working for Mario.


Virtual Console

Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures
LucasArts – 800 Wii Points

At 800 Wii Points, the most expensive game this week, you may be wondering if this is really worth the cash. For your hard earned points, you will actually be getting all three of Indiana Jones’ SNES adventures. This bundle pack will take the player to all of the instantly recognisable locations from the movies. A bargain perhaps?

A disappointing week for the Wii. But, if you are lucky enough to own a DSi, Earthworm Jim and Flipper should be more than enough to keep you entertained.

Until next week, have fun!

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