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Pahelika: Secret Legends

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 22 - 2010

I have no idea how that is pronounced!

Pahelika: Secret Legends is a point and click PC puzzle game published by Ironcode Software that offers players an intriguing storyline. Pahelika: Secret Legends puts you in the role of a researcher who finds a strange contraption with empty slots, in a room. As soon as you are able to fix it, you  soon learn that this strange gadget is in fact associated with Pahelika, a magic book which once helped dethrone an evil warrior king. Six challenges safeguard Pahelika and the gadget that you found serves as a portal to these challenges.


Your story commences at a wizard’s tower, where you’ll find yourself trying to work out how to enter this mystery building. As with all point and click adventures, you’ll find yourself randomly clicking everywhere at first, just to find valuable information. It’s not until you look a bit closer at the game that you realize that there is a sense of order amongst the puzzles. This is the part where logical and lateral thinking come into play and you will need to finely adjust your way of thinking. You’ll find yourself working through a series of scenarios which will involve having to work out how to activate switches, memory games, playing around with codes and working with mechanisms and compasses.

You’ll wander through a selection of different worlds, each revealing some more of the storyline. The scenes are displayed using a first person perspective and you can simply click on items or even combine various objects you have collected in your inventory. The items you collect may not always be so recognizable as when you clicked on it and it doesn’t necessarily tell you what that item is. I had a whole host of mysterious items in my inventory and I had to work out what they were and if I could combine them or not, before even guessing how to use them. Most confusing.


The game provides slightly hidden tips and instructions, if you find yourself getting stuck on a puzzle, which proves handy in some cases and annoying in others. A good example was when I found a portal and I needed to work out how to activate it. Slightly stubborn that I am at times, I like to work things out myself and accidentally came across the tips and hints paper, sitting on the floor beside the portal, showing how to activate it. I probably would have been there ages, but still didn’t want a piece of paper telling me the instructions. Point and Click puzzles and adventure games are one of my favourite genres of video games, so it was good to play this PC title. Puzzles varied from being quite easy to really quite hard. My first impressions where that the puzzles were exciting and kept me entertained for a very good amount of time.

The graphics seemed a little on the dull side, but started to brighten up more as I advanced in the game which was good. There seemed to be very little in the way of animation in each scene that I entered, which was a little disappointing. I would have liked to have seen more movement in this type of game.


Pahelika’s story is displayed through a series of cutscenes which have been done similar to a comic book strip, with a voiceover narrating the scenes as you pass through them. Some cut scenes were quite lengthy and there was no way of bypassing them, which was a little frustrating as they seemed to go on forever. The background music played quietly in the distance, creating a calm and relaxing feeling, which I felt accompanied the game very well.

Pahelika is an addictive play and will keep you amused for a while.  It has an interesting storyline, which point and click adventurers will enjoy. You may not be totally grasped by the graphics, but the simple fact that the puzzles will keep you staring at the screen while you desperately try to solve them may whet your appetite. Some puzzles were very creative, while others were more or less the same puzzle but in a different setting, so there was a little repetition going on.


Point and click adventures live and die by their storyline and the puzzles contained within. Whilst Pahelika may not have the most outstanding graphics,a good selection of puzzles and an intriguing storyline will ensure the games success amongst the point and click lovers.



This game is available from GamersGate


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