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Posted by Bazaboy On April - 23 - 2010

This weeks PSN Store update brings us such delights as wild west shooting action, perfect for getting us in the mood for Red Dead next month, along with some Top Gun fighter plane action in a update of an old classic, and something I personally have been waiting for, another chunk of DLC for Nathan Drake and friends. But I will start as usual with the new full games available to buy and download.



Lead And Gold is a third person over the shoulder team based shooter set in a wild west location. It borrows from the many other shooting games out there, both first and third person, in respect to class load outs and game types, with different classes having different weapons and abilities. The usual hardware is available, as you would expect – shotguns, sniper rifles, repeating rifles and pistols depending on your class. But each role also has a “synergy effect” which empowers the user and any nearby team mates, be it improved defence or improved damage amongst others. This, along with team mates having the ability to heal and revive while in groups, encourages close teamwork.


The game match types go a long way to also encourage team play, with all the modes you would expect to find using suitably themed names. Along with the obligatory team death match, you have Powder Keg and Robbery which are similar but with slight differences. Most resemble a typical capture the flag mode, along with Conquest mode which has the teams fighting over a series of locations in a bid to capture them before the other team.

It is not all multiplayer though, with Gold Fever mode also being included for one or two players, perfect for some co-op action with a friend. It has the player or players fighting off waves of AI controlled bots, as the players try to collect as many sacks of gold as possible. The game ends if the player controlled characters are killed.

Although all of this has been done before, where the game differs is it’s setting. There are not really that many wild west games out there and although this game will have serious competition in a month or so, until then this game offers up something different style wise and also looks pretty good visually. For a game with this much fun and potential, at this price it could well be worth checking out.


After Burner Climax is the console version of the arcade cabinet fighter plane game from 2006 and is the fourth game in the After Burner series. Those who have played and are fans of the series know exactly what to expect here. If you have never played a game in the series, the one thing you need to know is that these games are as far from a simulator as you can possibly get, with full on arcade shooting action. Without upsetting the games legion of fans that I know it has, I have to say that this could play against the game, as what you get is pretty much an on the rails, shoot anything that moves affair.


But what it does have that impresses, is that even hammering through the stages at break neck speeds, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. Both the planes, of which there are three to choose from, each with different paintjobs, and the scenery over which you are flying look amazing.

Fans of the game can now fall in love with it all over again. For those who have never played an After Burner game and are looking for a high speed amazing looking arcade shooter, look no further as this is what you will get here.


Hamsterball Unleashed is a racing game in which the player races, yes you guessed it, a hamster in a plastic ball. With that, the player finds themselves guiding their furry friend around some devious tracks full of dips, drops and obstacles. It won’t just be the clock that the players are racing against in events, as there is also the option to play with others, either in two player split screen or with up to six players online in Sumo mode, where the payers fight to be the last one standing.

With over fifty stages being promised, along with numerous unlockable items, there will be plenty for the player to discover and play with. Hamsterball Unleashed is looking to be one of those fun party games that are ideally suited for when you have friends around and, lets be honest, who has never wanted to guide their own little hamster around in it’s plastic exercise ball.


The Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo hits the PSN Store today. The sequel to the popular futuristic third person shooter is offering up a wealth of new features and improving on the original game. The demo allows players to download and take part in sixteen player matches, giving the chance to try out some of the weapons and tools of destruction in the game, while playing the elimination, team elimination and Delta Post Grab game modes. The player will get a taste of only a small handful of game modes that will be available to them come the games full retail release later in May.


With this demo Capcom have started a charity, named Kill Big For Charity, partnered with Music For Relief, who offer help to disaster relief and disaster mitigation. They have stated that, if over both PSN and XBL they achieve one million downloads, they will donate $20,000 to charity with an additional $5,000 if a further five hundred thousand downloads are made. So even if the game is not really your thing, download it anyway and give yourself that warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that you are doing good and helping someone.


Greed Corp is a game that is already available on the PSN store, but today there is a demo released so that players can try before they buy. I have not played this game yet, but with the demo out I may well give it a try.

Greed Corp is a turn based multiplayer strategy game, in which the players battle on a world for resources which can be used to build an army and wage war against the other players, as they attempt to do the same thing. This all sounds very much to me like a turn based version of Command and Conquer series and, to be honest, this is not a bad thing. If it resembles that game in any way, then it really cant be too bad. Definitely worth a try of the demo at least.


This is DLC that I have been looking forward to – the third pack from Naughty Dog for their multi award winning game Uncharted 2. No matter what new titles come along that I buy and play, I still find myself coming back to Uncharted’s multiplayer modes. It is truly that much fun, and the fact that they are adding more and more content to it, makes it even better.


This latest pack adds a whole new game mode for co-op fans, along with two new multiplayer maps based around locations from the single player story. On top of this, it also offers up six new character skins. Granted, a few of these have been in game for a while as exclusives to players who purchased and pre-ordered the collectors editions of the game. But even still, this pack is more than worth the asking price as it improves an already excellent game.


This content pack for Sonic And Sega All star Racing adds not only the character of Metal Sonic, but also the fiendishly trap filled Death Egg Zone race track, created by Dr. Eggman, not only giving players the new character but a whole new track to play on, adding even more fun to this already enjoyable kart racing game.

BUZZ! THE 00’s QUIZ £3.99/€4.99

This one is pretty self explanatory. Although I have never really got into these quiz games, my sister loves them and so, for her and fans of the Buzz games, it’s always good to see the game being kept fresh with the release of many new question packs. This one offers up five hundred brand new questions based around the noughties. Plenty of scope for questions from throughout that decade then.



Magic Orbz is a game that I bought from the PSN store on it’s initial release and, although I do enjoy the game, I have yet to buy any of the expansion packs that have been released for it. The game itself is a three dimensional take on the old classic bat and ball games that has the player batting a ball at blocks building up a wall. Except in this game, the player is destroying a three dimensional scene rather than the wall. The new Jungle Pack available from today is sure to make fans of the game happy.

Following now is a list of tracks new on the store for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5


American Music by Violent Femmes £0.99/€1.49

Peek-a-boo by Siouxsie And The Banshees £0.99/€1.49

Sun Hit’s the Sky by super grass £0.99/€1.49

Coheed And Cambria Track Pack 01 £2.49/€3.99 which includes the following tracks that can also be purchased separately.

Guns Of Summer £0.99/€1.49

Here We Are Juggernaut £0.99/€1.49

The Broken £0.99/€1.49


Phoenix Track Pack £4.39/€5.49 which includes the following tracks that can also be purchased separately.

1901 £1.59/€1.99

Everything Is Everything £1.59/€1.99

Liztomania £1.59/€1.99

Video wise, this week brings the release of the third episode of First Play which, on writing this, I have just finished watching. There is a slight drop in content this week but is still worth a watch and, for the price of only £.0.99 per week, is quickly becoming the first thing I download each week as there is usually something of interest in there. Other videos available for free download this week are the Army Of Two 40th Day DLC Launch trailer and the Neir Launch trailer.

Rounding things up this week is a selection of dynamic themes to help brighten up your PS3’s home screen, with a choice between Beach Breeze, Desert sunset, Mountain Escape or, my personal favourite, Space Odyssey. Each of these are available for the price of £1.59/€1.99.

That is all for this week and I hope you all fun playing whatever it is you are currently playing. All the best until next week.

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