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SSFIV: Capcom Interview

Posted by FuryAc3 On April - 21 - 2010

During the Super Street Fighter IV event in Glasgow, Fury Ac3 managed to corner Leo Tan, UK PR Manager for Capcom, and ask him a few questions.

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GGUK – Hey Leo, thanks for taking the time to let us ask you a few questions about the game. With games like Burnout Paradise totally changing the game through DLC and updates, why did Super Street Fighter make the jump to disc, and not just as a plan of weekly updates and DLC?

Leo Tan – I don’t really know the changes that were made to Burnout Paradise, but by the time we had the split with the on-line network code and added the 10 new characters, there’s quite a lot of stuff to put on peoples hard drives and you can’t have everyone just dumping extra gigs on the hard drive because most people still have the 20 gig hard drive. The amount of stuff we put in, if we where to charge for DLC, it would have cost people just as much, if not more anyway, so it just made more sense to stick with the disc version. That way you’re clear which Street Fighter you’re playing and its going to be really cheap. We don’t like to set RRP, but Street Fighter 4 you could get on Play.com for about £25 when it came out. This, we’re going to make cheaper.

GGUK – Is there going to be any bonus for fans of Street Fighter 4 who have had the game, put in a couple hours on-line or completed the game if they were to upgrade to Super Street Fighter 4? Or is there going to be a veteran system, a bit like that seen in the Battlefield games, which shows that you own the past games?

Leo Tan – There is not a veteran system. There is something that you get if you have a Street Fighter 4 save game on your hard drive, but I can’t tell you what that is just now. You’ll just have to wait and see when you get it.

GGUK – Is there anything in the new game that has changed because of feedback from the community?

Leo Tan – Yes. Everyone wanted lobbies, so now we have lobbies. There are lobbies in 8 player winner stays on, although the winner stays on 8 player isn’t that great on-line because you spend so much down time, where you’re not doing anything. But it’s there. There’s the 8 player team battle, where you play 4v4 and you get a lot more up time there. Shortly available after release, we didn’t get it finished in time for the disc, will be the tournament DLC, which will be free and that’s another way to play an 8 player room. It’s the standard knock out structure, just like the tournament that’s being played today.

GGUK – Will there be a PC version of Super Street Fighter 4?

Leo Tan – Ah, I can’t remember. I can’t remember what we’ve said. If we’ve said that there is, then there is, and if we haven’t, then I can’t say just now.

GGUK – Street Fighter has always been a series balanced and tweaked from game to game. This time around, which characters have received changes, who was over powerful and who underperformed in 4 and have changed for Super?

Leo Tan – Well, the ones that were top tier first time around have been tweaked a little. My perception of how they have been tweaked is that the most powerful ones have been nuffed, but some of the weaker ones have had a massive increase in power. Ok, massive increase is a bit dramatic. So an example is like Sagat and Ryu. Although their damage output has slightly decreased, well Sagat definitely has and his health has come down also, they have lost easy ways into Ultras. So, with Ryu, if you Dragon Punched and you traded hits, you could still do your Ultra, which was a bit cheap, but I didn’t complain because I play a lot of Ryu. He’s lost that, so if you trade hits with Ryu he falls back and rolls and can no longer do his Ultra. You have to pre-empt, to do an early anti-air Dragon to land your Ultra, or you need to engineer a situation for you to do your Ultra. so it’s not just a lucky reaction anymore. As for Sagat, he has lost similar things from what I understand, but I don’t play Sagat so can’t tell you exactly what they are.

GGUK – Out of the new fighters, which one is the best? Which one will pay off the most if you put the time in to learn the moves?

Leo Tan – We don’t know yet which is the most powerful, but in our office Dudley is the strongest. But he has always been one of the strongest, even back in the third strike days. My perception is that he is the strongest and other people have said similar things, so he may well come out on top. As for having to put the time into a character, it would have to be between Makoto and Ibuki. They require quite a high skill level and you need to be good at execution to get anything out of them. So if you are looking for long time development, then they’re the two to look at.

GGUK – Which of the new characters is your favourite?

Leo Tan – Makoto, but I am rubbish with her. Anyone out there who knows roughly what they’re doing has smashed my Makoto into the ground. But she’s still my favourite and I’ll keep playing as her.

GGUK – With Project Natal on the horizon, are there any plans for it to feature in any Street Fighter game in the future?

Leo Tan – Hahaha, none that I know of. Street Fighter is a super precise game. There’s no scope for motion control or scope for analogue controls. We would have to completely redesign Street Fighter from scratch and make it a different game. There’s a lot of things in Street Fighter that require precision, we’re talking like a 60th of a sec, and even an old LCD screen can mess up your input, let alone motion control. Street Fighter as it stands needs precision. There could be, in theory, a Natal game that features Street Fighter characters, but we wouldn’t call it Street Fighter.

GGUK – On that note, it was announced yesterday that Lost Planet 2 was going to feature the skins of Frank West and a Hunter from Dragon Hunter for multiplayer. Joining the list will be Wesker from Resident Evil and Marcus and Dom from Gears Of War. Are there plans to have any of the Street Fighter characters join them in the game?

Leo Tan – Is there one of the guys from Monster Hunter going to be in it? Really? oh, I missed that and I haven’t seen all of the characters yet, so I don’t know. Although I would love to see Street Fighter characters in it, I don’t know if there will be. But if Ryu is in it, I will play nothing but him. I haven’t seen it, but you should take comfort in that if I had, then I couldn’t tell you anyway. But I have not seen the Monster Hunter character and Monster Hunter is probably my favourite game of all time. So, to actually correct myself, if Ryu is in it, forget him. I’ll be the Monster Hunter.

GGUK – Are there any plans to bring avatar items to the Xbox live marketplace, as there are Street Fighter items on the PlayStation Home store?

Leo Tan – Again, if we did have plans, I couldn’t tell you. But I can also say that I don’t think there is. But I don’t know, it could be come.

GGUK – With this event and, less than 2 weeks ago, there was a Monster Hunter Tri event in Glasgow, are there any plans to have any more events in the Glasgow area, or in Scotland, in the future ?

Leo Tan – it’s been difficult for us before. Now that I know Dan and the guys from Ready-up and we have the ESC game centre and it’s a nice central location and they have the kit here as well, so it’s more possible that we can do more events up here. Although, to do Capcom events, you must have Capcom staff and for me to even have a day here, it’s like taking 4 days out my schedule and that’s a lot for a single event, and the event won’t reach as many people as if it was held in London. so I am sure we will do more though Glasgow, I don’t think, is a regular because London will still be the Hub.

GGUK – Well, that about wraps up all of my questions. So I’d like to thank you again for your time and for speaking to us.

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