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System Flaw: Recruit (DSiWare)

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 27 - 2010

System Flaw: Recruit, developed by Enjoy Gaming, takes players on a mission. As the player you have been selected to participate in the most ardous training program to combat the threat called ‘The Flaw’. An invasion can take place at anytime, which means players need to perform their best within outer space.

System Flaw: Recruit is a cut down version of the full augmented reality game, System Flaw, which was launched in the US in 2009. The game has yet to see a UK release. Augmented reality involves overlaying graphics onto the image seen through a camera. Players will be able to see, in this case, alien creatures moving around their own living area and will have to use full 360 degrees of movement in order to find and destroy them all.

system flaw

There are three modes to choose from in the menu which include training, competition and manual. In training, players take part in three basic tutorials to learn how to handle their weapon. During this phase of the game, you begin to understand the controls and what the game entails.

In competition mode you can try to survive for two minutes without being completely annihilated by the creatures that are out to get you. It’s a tough call to make because it is quite difficult. I had creatures trying to destroy me from all over the place. This meant while I was trying to concentrate on blasting the creatures in front of me, the ones behind were having a great time attacking me. You’ve defintely got to have your wits about you in this game, because much of the time will involve you spinning around in circles or running into your furniture at home. I’m sure children will enjoying shooting creatures that almost look like they are coming towards you in real life, but for me it lacked structure and content.

In manual, the game just gives you detailed instructions on how to play the game. In this DsiWare game they use Augumented Reality using the the Dsi camera. Players hold the Nintendo Dsi system with both of their hands and turn around to place the creatures they encounter over the crosshairs of the touch screen. Using the L and R buttons you can fire at the creatures.

final picture system flaw

Getting to grips with the fact that you’ll be dealing with Agumented reality was pretty awesome. Looking at the screen I could see a perfect camera view of my living room. Nothing unusual there, until creatures start invading my living space and come rushing around on the screen. It’s a weird experience to begin with, because it  almost seems like the enemy is really there. I found myself spinning around in circles in an attempt to destroy the creatures.

Basically to shoot and kill the creatures you first have to align the crosshairs so that creature is fitting neatly on target, but then they move so quickly, you find yourself darting around your living room like in a scene from mission impossible. Players will come across a series of creatures such as ‘The Kuistr Clone’ which are a real technological challenge, to ‘The Sag’, who are as ugly as they are dangerous.

Defeating enemies is not as easy as it first appears because I felt that the game was not as responsive as I would have hoped. There are various shooting modes and energy cells to collect within the game which help players with health, but unfortunately the lack of content let it down a little.

Graphically , it provides good sized sprites with different creatures to destroy. Each creature displaying their own health bar beneath them, so you can be sure to blast that enemy to kingdom come. It had a good response when shooting with the L and R button, but felt that the camera was not as accurate as I would have liked.

If you like the idea of shooting creatures using the crosshair concept, along with the Augmented Reality, then this may peak your interest, but personally I would have liked more of a storyline and more content. Visually it was a good game which was accompanied with some rather entertaining atmospheric space creature noises.

This game will provide some enjoyment, but I do think it maybe short lived. Almost as a training tool for the full sized game, Recruit does offer the player a chance to experience augmented reality for themselves, but the game is too short and too lacking in content to be anything more than a novelty at the moment.




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