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WarioWare: Do it yourself

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 30 - 2010

WarioWare: Do it yourself on the Nintendo DS is a an awesome game consisting of more than 90 microgames to play. Nintendo have added an extra special feature that enables players to create and share their own little games. This is an excellent feature because it gives players the opportunity to use their imagination to explore and create some wonderful ideas.

Each of the microgames in WarioWare: DIY lasts for no more than 10 seconds and gives players the chance to test their reactions and logical thinking. If this is your first experience of the WarioWare games, players can go to the DIY shop within the game to take some valuable lessons.

The game is set up in 5 different sections, set out on a simple and easy to follow map:

The  D.I.Y. shop is set up with the four subsections of Games, Music, Comics and Sales Charts. This is the place where you can play games, read some rather interesting Japanese comics and listen to some music. Inside players can acquaint themselves with Diamond Software which consists of 18 microgames in each section.

wario 2

The Microgames in this title are just so interesting because when you intially turn on the game for the first time, you have no idea what kind of games will be thrown at you. There’s a lot of element of surprise within each microgame. You’ll be doing everything from stomping with your feet to crush recycling cans, to helping a small tubby boy eat a giant rice cake.

art 3

You’ll be blown away by the variety of games in this title and surprised that Nintendo have fitted so much into this game. In the D.I.Y games section you can find orginal games and customised games and you’re introduced to the Super MakerMatic 21. This is a machine that allows players to easily create their very own microgame, records and comics.

art 5

Making your own microgames is set out with full instructions. Here you’re taught how to create objects, backgrounds and sound for your game. Sounds easy?. Most of the instructions start out being quite straightforward, allowing players to build upon their imagination. You’re given different colours, stamps, objects and music, of which all can be fully customised. It’s not until you’re a bit further into developing your game that it becomes apparent that maybe it might be a little too advanced for the younger player. Although I had immense fun creating my very own microgame, I just felt that some areas may be a little complicated. I love the concept of creating your own game and then being able to upload it and swap it with your friends.

art 6

The Game Blender allows you to play different mixes of games and allows you to check out new releases. The D.I.Y. Music section has shelves that contain records included in the game. You can store up to 90 records here. The Jukebox allows you to play all the records in a section together and listen to new releases. You can even create your own music.

The comics from Diamond Publishing are an absolutely genius idea. I’ve not seen comics in a game before and, even though they were basic, it’s a great concept. It’s fun, while being educating at the same time and in a sense encouraging gamers to read. The comics are from famous Japanese comic artists including Kotobuki Shiriagari, Isami Nakagawa, Sekaiichi Asakura, Masakazu Amahisa and Rei Betsuyaku. Each of the comics offer a small storyboard, which are humourous and comical. There are so many of them that you will be spoilt for choice.

The D.I.Y. shop also hosts the Sales Charts, which shows you the sales of all the D.I.Y. games. Here players can attempt to play the listed games in endless mode until you run out of patience or WarioWare lives. Whatever comes first for you.

wario 1

Inside WarioWare Inc is where you go for lessons, tips and freelance jobs. Yes, that’s right, Nintendo are encouraging you to work you way through different job titles. It’s kind of like a mini job centre, but witout the furniture being nailed down. As a new employee for WarioWare Inc, you will be requested to take on a selection of jobs from fast paced rabbit smashing, which is exactly like Whack-a-mole, but with rabbits, to designing a car that will jump over a shark with wheels. I know, it’s a bit strange isn’t it?. There are 16 job titles to make your way through, which offer a nice variety of jobs.

art 2

You’ll also be given the chance to test out the SuperMakerMatic 2 in the D.I.Y. ABC’s section. Players can make their own game with detailed instructions. As I’ve said before, I think it’s a terrific idea and gives gamers the opportunity to learn animation through lessons and build their own games. But it’s hard and I feel some will be lost. The tutorial is a long one and it covers everything, but it can be a little tiresome. If you’re really into wanting to create your own games, uploading them and sharing them, then be my guest but some will struggle with it.

The Distribution Centre is where you connect to the Wii console or other Nintendo DS systems. Here you can exchange your products with other owners.  Nintendo have also included a NinSoft Store and here you can receive new games and enter design challenges.

art 1

If you’re looking for a game that’s entertaining, fun and exciting, then you’re in the right place. Nintendo have jam packed this title with so many microgames that you won’t know where to start. The game is very responsive with the touch screen and stylus. Some of the games may confuse you intially because you’ll be wondering what you have to do. But after a few more attempts, you’ll easily get the hang of it. Admitedly the games are very short, but with such a wide selection to choose from you’re going to be entertained for a very long time. Nintendo have done a brilliant job of packing all these games into one title. I feel with the new features of creating your own game and designing your own comics will keep the game fresh and new for a long time to come. WarioWare D.I.Y. is fantastic, enjoyable and highly entertaining. Forget boring bank holidays assembling shelves, and fix yourself up with this exciting D.I.Y. game.




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