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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (PS3)

Posted by David Hollingsworth On May - 3 - 2010

It’s that time again. The Football World Cup, the greatest sporting event on the planet. It brings people from all over the world and glues them to one place for one month every 4 years.But hold up, what is the greatest sporting event without a Video Game to go with it? Well roll up Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa, the official Game of the tournament, giving gamers a chance to take part in this sporting event and take your nation to greatness. With all that said and done, it still needs to be a good game. Now it’s safe to say Fifa 10 was the best football game to date, but is this latest instalment just Fifa 10 in a world cup setting? or does it go further and improve the game and encapsulate the glory of the World Cup in the process?


Short answer, yes. But it’s how EA went about improving Fifa 10 and making it into a fully fledged World Cup game, rather than a re-branded spin-off. Firstly the new game modes: there is, of course, a world cup mode which allows you to play as any of the official Fifa World Cup countries, including those who failed to qualify for the big event. Another addition to the game is one fans of Fifa will know well, which is be a pro, or as its known here, Captain Your Country. This allows players to captain a player who already plays for their national team, a player you have made yourself, or better yet, your Fifa 10 pro. All this adds up to one of the best modes and makes wining the grand prize all the sweeter. We also get an online interactive World Cup, allowing players to take their favourite nation online to see who is the best.


Lastly we have The Coke Zero Story of Qualifying. The idea is that you replay games from qualifying, packaged as short challenges, and attempt to change virtual history. A great example is to take the France v Ireland game from the World Cup 2010 qualifiers. This scenario takes place right after Thierry Henry set up France’s cheat equalizer, sending Ireland out of the world cup. That’s where you come in, the game puts you right into the game just after the goal and challenges players to re-write the history books and send Ireland to the World Cup at the expense of Mr Henry. On top of that, all scenarios feature the exact same teams that where present at the time. As an added bonus, Ea will be adding other scenarios during the world cup. So, if Cristiano Ronaldo decides to dive in the 85TH minute against England, causing England to crash and burn, fear no more, as the very next day you can make sure England score in the remaining five minutes and clinch the title.


What I’m sure you’re wondering is, why is this better than FIfa 10? Well, EA claim the game has over 100 hundred new gameplay improvements. That’s a lot of improvements by any ones books. But do these improvements equal a better game? Yes, like Fifa 9 to Fifa 10, by the simple fact its the next entry in this football franchise makes it a better game. It’s up to you however, if you think the tweaks are worth buying or if it’s better to wait for Fifa 2011.

To tell you every one of the new features would need an article of its own, so i’ll avoid doing that and give you some of the biggest and best; the Keepers don’t rush out any time you have a one-on-one, Chiping the keeper is much Harder to pull off, the new penalties,which finally bring a bit more depth to the system. There are new animations, through balls don’t cause you to lose momentum, new celebrations, new skills, new shot techniques, better player awareness, and, one of the most interesting of all, is the new altitude system. This causes players who are used to playing closer to sea level, to lose stamina faster in stadiums that are at a much higher altitude. These, and many other smaller changes, are what help make this the best Football game to date.


Of course gameplay is not the only improvement. The presentation is slightly improved, the turf seems more lush, it’s a small thing but you do notice it. The game also features all the official stadiums of the World Cup and qualifying and each is rendered in amazing detail. There is something rather special about seeing the glorious Wembley stadium at night. Sound also plays a big part in the game. The crowd sound a lot more energetic and do a lot of nation specific chants. Commentators in Fifa are important, especially if you are someone who watches a lot of football on TV. People either love or hate the commentary pair, but for me I’m happy to see Clive Tyldesely and Andy Townsend reprise their roles as commentators in the World Cup games. As always the commentary is great, with some really cool facts and, as this is a World Cup game, you get some great facts about the national teams and their world cup history.


So there you have it. Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa is the best football game to date. Of course, people will argue till they go blue in the face whether this should have been DLC to FIFA or a full priced retail game. If you’re not sold on Fifa 2010 World Cup, then you should only have to wait a few months until Fifa 2011. But until that day comes, Fifa 2010 World Cup is a top class game and a must buy for Fifa and football fans. When all is said and done, if you own Fifa 10 already then you have to ask your self how much you love the Fifa series. If you don’t own Fifa 10, this is a great place to start.



This review was written by David Hollingsworth, editor of GeekMandem.com

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