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Ace Gals Tennis

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 10 - 2010

Pert breasts and short shorts. Not the usual tennis game then.

The Xbox Live Indie marketplace offers such a wide variety of different games, catering to almost every type of gamer. Whilst some games are maybe not even worth the low asking price, there are Indie games out there that offer so much, or look so good, that it is difficult to believe that they can be picked up for so little. So here we have Ace Gals Tennis, from Haruneko. Is it a worthy purchase? Or just a waste of points?


Ace Gals Tennis is, as the title may imply, a tennis game. For the lowly price of just 80 MSPoints, the player actually gets quite a lot. Not only is there quite a decent, yet simple, tennis game wrapped in a glossy coating of anime babes, but you even get to use your very own Xbox Live Avatar.

The first word that springs to mind when starting the game is “perky”. I am, of course, referring to the characters of the game. Rather than going down the route of taking real, or even realistic looking, tennis players, Ace Gals Tennis has chosen instead to offer anime babes. Players get to choose a character from the selection of scantily and inappropriately dressed young ladies. For the actual game, however, the player will be using their own avatar as they play matches against the other girls, or gals, that were available.


The gameplay itself takes a lot of queues from the Wii Sports version of tennis, with player concentrating more on when to hit the ball and in which direction, than where their character is on the court. Hitting the ball at the correct time will unleash near unstoppable power shots.


The game itself looks incredible, given the price point. Many of the other Xbox Indie games tend to rely on addictive gameplay and hope that the lacklustre graphics are overlooked. This does work in some cases. In this case however, the game has taken the opposite route, offering a very polished experience that can be found slightly lacking on the gameplay front.

The main reason for this is the lack of variety. Whilst playing the game is quite enjoyable, with no online or even local multiplayer, it can get a bit boring after a while.There is plenty here to do, but there is not enough variety to actually make the player want to do it all.


So, for the low price of 80 MSPoints, the player gets a very good looking, arcade tennis game filled with very perky young ladies. Gameplay is simple and fun, but may become tiresome after a while. There are trophies to obtain and tournaments to play through. All in all, despite its shortcomings, you actually get quite a lot for your money.




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