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Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 10 - 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of DodoGo! on Dsiware. A simple and easy puzzle platformer from Neko Entertainment. This colourful and highly entertaining game brings players to discover the Domo Islands; your mission is to save as many of the DodoGo! eggs as possible.

This game slightly reminded me of Lemmings, but with more humour involved. As the player you must save at least one DodoGo! egg to complete each level and the results show your statistics and overall performance.


Even if you’re  worried about how well you will be able to perform, a DodoGo! Will show you instructions throughout the game. Tutorials are available and these are divided into two parts. First you’re shown how to get the egg to the nest and then you repeat the action. So there’s no confusion on how to tackle your first DodoGo!  egg encounter.


The game not only shows you what levels have to be completed, but also gives you a character assessment of the little DodoGo! eggs themselves. These bright and wonderful bouncy eggs have a little life of their own. Each egg has to be nurtured, but they are normally quite peaceful. Rubbing your stylus over the egg, you can make them laugh and they will feel loved. Sometimes they can get angry and agitated if they are not cared for properly. They make a strange little noise throughout the game that was both funny and entertaining.

Getting the eggs from A to B is initially quite easy as you guide them across each platform level. If, for some reason, you accidentally allow your egg to fall too far, he will inevitably not be a very happy egg and will need some love and a plaster. Yup, that’s right; these eggs need plasters to get them back on track again. I thought that was so cute.

Sliding the stylus over the eggs make them move. You can move them individually or as a team. The eggs can roll down slopes, but when they do they lose control, so you have to be really careful. Using the stylus in contact with the touch screen you can move the camera angle, so you can see what each level entails. Each egg has their own coloured icon on the top of the screen, so you can keep an eye on them individually.


These clumsy DodoGo! Eggs are also blind and can only stop when they bump into something, so you have to stop them getting into any kind of danger. Using the stylus over the eggs in the opposite direction allows them to stop. Some of these cute eggs have been hypnotized and while they’re in this state, they can’t seem to do anything. Using your stylus, you must tap the egg several times to wake them up. If your eggs are being a bit disobedient, you can actually shout “Go” into the microphone to get them moving or “Stop” to bring them to a grinding halt. You may feel a little silly, but it gets the job done. These eggs love speed, so a galloping egg is a very happy one, or a disaster waiting to happen. The eggs can crack and cause some personality problems, where they become resoundingly miserable.


There are a variety of tools to aid your eggs on their journey. These include springs, that can launch your eggs into the air, and decks, which are platforms to soften the blow of a falling egg. All the tools are aimed to help your eggs to survive that all important journey back to the nest. You’ll find yourself building bridges and digging holes with your shovel. If you don’t want to take that all important step of gathering the eggs for their journey, you have the option of a crash test dummy which you can deploy and this can show you whether your strategic plans will work. A kind of try before you die option.

Gradually, as you progress through the levels, you can earn special awards from bronze to gold and also the option of unlocking some interesting disguises to dress your egg up in. With over a 100 levels to complete, you’ll find yourself absorbed in it’s addictive gameplay. I found it increasingly hard to put this game down once I had started it. It’s so bright and cheery and the puzzles are intriguing and enticing, allowing players to be creative with the vast selection of tools on offer.


Each level has a time limit which means that players need to think quick on their feet. Depending on how well you complete levels decides what medal you will receive for your performance. There are also bonus levels for every chapter which are indicated on the world map. The bonus levels do not need to be completed to advance in the game. They are more of an alternative break from your adventures, without any time limits or eggs in danger. In the bonus levels you can use this time to try out new tools and mechanisms that become available. During the bonus levels, players can receive additional prizes such as a new avatar or an extra joker. Jokers are played when you cannot progress through a level and you become stuck, which is handy.

artwork dodogo

The fun doesn’t stop with the game, as DodoGo! also offers a website with a world ranking board, which allows players to compare scores.


You can view the world ranking board, find wallpapers, create your very own DodoGo! eggs and even add that quirky theme sound from the game, which has been going around in my head for ages, onto your phone.


The game is brilliant and one of the best I have seen on DsiWare. I’m actually hard pressed to say anything negative about the game, because I can’t find any flaws. You’ll fall in love with the humour, comedy and fun that this game guarantees. The game is set out well with great graphics, along with a surprisingly huge number of levels. GGUK recommends this as one of the “most unique and entertaining games on the DsiWare this year, so far“. Extraordinarily funny with puzzling challenges, we are egg-static about  DodoGo!

DodoGo! is priced at 800 Dsiware points




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