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3DS XL Will receive it’s own Circle Pad Pro and Support Data

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Assassin’s Creed Pirates now available on Android and iOS for £2.99

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My Tetris Heart Longs For Your Push

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Dragonica’s Biggest Update

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 28 - 2010

Dragonica, the free manga-style online action game from the gPotato.eu games portal, will incorporate a wealth of thrilling new content in the biggest update to the game yet, scheduled for June 2010.


Dragonica – Paris Strikes Back features new game modes for all players and exciting new ways to experience player versus player combat with a total of three new modes. The whole system has been reworked and will contain a practice mode, a ranking mode and the highly anticipated battle square.


In the Paris Strikes Back update, the practice mode from level 20 immerses players in a range of underground dungeons and grottos filled with bubbling lava. Keeping the style of the current PvP in which up to 10 players can measure their powers against each other, the only change this mode sees is the removal of rewards. Hence, it becomes the perfect battleground for newer players to discover their strengths and to train for the battles ahead. Players of Level 35 or higher will see the expansion of the current PvP system in Paris Strikes Back with the Ranking Mode: this takes place once a day with all participants receiving a reward for taking part. Each week, all players also receive an additional prize depending on their ranking, with rankings being reset every six months.


The eagerly-awaited Battle Square takes Dragonica’s PvP System to an entirely new level with up to 30 players battling it out to be the best of the best. This feature is available to players above level 40 and promises action-packed excitement for all participating heroes. Available daily with a selection of different ‘capture the flag’ options, it lets players achieve new Battle Square EXP to obtain huge EXP bonuses, which will help them further along in their adventures.



Finally, the release of the Paris Strikes Back Update will include the introduction of the brand new MyHome feature, enabling players to purchase their own homes within thegame. After a long day in the battlefield, players can rest and recover here. Each house can be decorated to the player’s individual taste. Decorating carefully is highly recommended, as it unlocks further bonuses. A player can purchase a home from any real estate agent in-game.

Official European website at http://en.dragonica.gpotato.eu

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